The Essential Shopping List for Your Bucket List

So you've got a ticking clock and things to accomplish before the final alarm goes off--we get that. Everyone has things they want to do before they go, and sometimes it takes something like a hard deadline to really appreciate it. Don't lollygag any longer, you've got a bucket list and everything else pails in comparison. (Yes, even in the end of days we're still making puns. It was on our bucket list.)

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The Bucket List (Full Frame, Widescreen)


Perhaps you’re unsure as to what one puts on a bucket list. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This film is downright inspirational for budding bucket listers and Morgan Freeman fans alike.

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Climb the Highest Mountain

“Climb the highest mountain” may sound cliché, but trust us, it will feel fantastic. There are few accomplishments as sweet as reaching the summit, and you should certainly try to reach yours before the Mayans run out of calendar.

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Film & Direct Your Own Movie

You’ve got ideas. You’ve got vision. Get a camera and share your story with the world! But please keep it fairly short; we are on a tight clock. We're not so sure you'll have time to film that Avatar prequel you've got in mind.

Flare Skydiving Goggles Motorcycle Eyewear Smoke

Take a Flying Leap!

Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? For the rush! Nothing makes one feel more alive than pushing the boundaries of nature and/or common sense. Everyone should try it once before they die. Maybe you should try it before EVERYONE dies.

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Watch Your Favorite Saga

You know how you’re always telling everyone that you would love to watch that whole movie series back-to-back-to-back? It might be Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather or even Tyler Perry's Madea movies. Just pick a day and make it happen. Some days will be longer than others.

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Backpack Europe

Any college kid with a driver’s license and a student loan can spend their vacation in Panama City, but why not live out the age-old American tradition of backpacking across Europe? There is so much to see, and you might even learn a foreign language (which would make an awesome addition to your bucket list!). Plus, in Europe, your American accent sounds exotic.

Parker Brothers The Monopoly Game Version 9

Spend Time With the Family

Fun fact: you don’t have to be bored to play board games. Also, you probably shouldn’t wait until time is officially running out before you seize the moment and enjoy time with your family. (Okay, we’ll get off our soapbox.) Board games are a great way to enjoy each other’s company, and there are only so many times left to pass “GO” before it’s game over!

Coleman Instant Tent 8

The Great Outdoors

If you’re really feeling it, you can combine the previous two items with a big tent and some smores. What could be better than time under the stars with the people you love the most? Don’t forget a flashlight, and maybe a light jacket.

Tootsie Roll Pops, Assorted Flavors, 10.125 oz

Find Out Just How Many Licks

Admit it: you’ve wondered since you were a kid how many licks it really takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. (Nobody ever believed that silly owl. Three? As if.) Well, wonder no more! Lock the windows, master some self-control and find out! Just don’t give yourself diabetes trying too hard.

The Zombie Survival Guide

Prepare For the Worst

It’s good to be prepared, and the end of days is no exception. There’s a fairly good chance that things won’t go down the way we think they will, and if that means a zombie apocalypse, then by all means you should be ready for a zombie apocalypse. Better safe than sorry and all that.