Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to's FAQs section. Got a question about the site? Hopefully it's answered here. If not, visit the Help Page, try the Help & Support section in the Forums or Contact Us with additional questions.

What are "JoePoints"?
JoePoints are points that you earn for doing various things on JoeShopping, such as uploading photos and videos, chatting with other users, and posting status updates.

What are the Badges all about?
You can earn Badges for achieving different milestones on JoeShopping. They're a fun way to prove that you're a JoeShopping super-member!

How do I stop receiving so many e-mail alerts?
You can change how much e-mail you receive at your personal e-mail address in the Alerts tab in your Profile.

How do I change my Privacy Settings?
Go to the Privacy Settings tab under your User Settings and set your privacy according to the options available. Through these settings, you can control exactly who sees your personal information as well as any content you upload.

How do I upload photos and videos?
Go to the Photos or Videos tab in your Profile and click on the "Add Photo" or "Add Video" link to upload a new photo or video. For photos, the photo must be located on your computer. For videos, you'll need the embed code for the video from the website (YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo!, etc.) where it's hosted.

How do I change my profile picture?
Go to the About Me tab under your User Settings and use the Profile Pic tool to upload a new photo. Or go to your Photos tab and choose an existing photo as your Profile Pic using the "Edit Photo" option.

How do I change my Username?
Currently, users cannot change their Username.

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