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What does "Social Shopping" mean?
Social Shopping is what JoeShopping is all about! combines the best parts of a shopping comparison site with the best parts of a social networking site. We compare prices from hundreds of sites on the products you're looking for so that you can find the lowest prices and save the most money, and we've built an easy-to-use social network that lets you interact with other shoppers like yourself. It's like going shopping with a million of your closest friends!

Am I buying products directly from JoeShopping? is a shopping comparison site, and we don't keep any inventory or own any warehouses, so you're not actually buying the products we list directly from us. You're buying the products we list from the sites they're linked to. Think of JoeShopping as your very own personal shopper; we make it easy to find and compare the products you're looking for by listing the prices for the same products from several different online stores. That gives you plenty of choices when making a purchase and helps you save money!

How do I shop?
You can start shopping right away, no membership required! Just use the search boxes found throughout the site, or browse the various shopping categories found on the Home page or the Shopping homepage.

How do I review something I've purchased?
You can review products you've purchased--whether through JoeShopping or anywhere else in the past--by clicking on the "Add a Review" link found on a product's detail page. If you just want to rate a product, click on the "Rate this product" star rating under the product's description. You must be logged in to rate or review an item.

What are the Forums all about?
The Forums are another great place for you to interact with other JoeShopping members. You can post about different stores or brands, ask other members questions, or join in on a conversation that's already going on! It's a great source of information, too.

Where can I find Hot Deals?
Great deals on all sorts of products can be found in our Hot Deals section! Professional deal finders and JoeShopping members alike scour the Internet around the clock for the latest sales, deals and coupons, so the Hot Deals section is updated constantly. You can even earn JoePoints for posting a highly rated Hot Deal. You can always find our Hot Deals by clicking the link in the blue navbar on the top of any page of our site!

Do you have any coupons?
You betcha! We have thousands of coupon codes for hundreds of popular online stores like,, and Everything from Free Shipping coupons to dollar or percentage-off promo codes. You can find our online coupons section by clicking the link in the blue navbar on the top of every page. Just use the coupon directory to find coupon codes for a specific store.

What about printable coupons?
We've got those too! Our Grocery Coupons section offers saving on everything from food to cosmetics to pet supplies. Just print the coupons you want right from your computer and head over to your local store to use them. You can always find the printable coupons section by clicking on the Coupons dropdown in the blue navbar on the top of our site.

What are JoePoints?
JoePoints are points that you earn for doing various things on JoeShopping. You can earn points for doing simple, everyday things (upload a photo or write a product review), and you can earn points for special, one-time-only things (register on the site). It's easy to earn JoePoints!

How do I change my Profile Pic?
Just go to the Account Information tab under your User Settings and use the Profile Pic tool to upload a new photo. Or go to your Photos tab and choose a photo as your Profile Pic using the "Edit Photo" option on an existing photo.

How do I set all my Privacy Settings?
Go to the Privacy Settings tab under your User Settings and set your privacy according to the options available. Through these settings, you can control exactly who sees your personal information, as well as any content you upload. The Privacy Settings page displays the default settings for each action, so once you make a change to any event, all new content moving forward will contain that privacy setting. We take your privacy very seriously, so if you think we missed anything, feel free to Contact Us.

How come nobody can see my status updates?
You may have your status updates set to "Private." Check your Privacy Settings.

Who can see information about me?
That all depends on your Privacy Settings. Setting an action to "Global" means that anyone surfing can view that content, even if they're not logged in. Setting it to "Friends" means that only your Friends can view it. Setting it to "Private" means that you, and only you, can view it.

How do I view another member's info?
Depending on how they're Privacy Settings are configured, click on the "About Me" link under a member's Profile Pic to view their info.

I get so many e-mail alerts! How do I shut them off?
You can change what actions prompt e-mails sent to your personal e-mail address through the Alerts tab in your User Settings section.

What's the difference between Global and My Network in my Community?
When you visit the Community page and click on the "Global" link, it means you're viewing updates and content from members throughout the entire JoeShopping community! When you click on the "My Network" link, you're only viewing activity from your own network of Friends.

There's so much going on in my Activities tab in my Community! How do I see less?
You can adjust what actions you see (blog posts, shopping status updates, uploaded photos, etc.) on each of the Community toggles--My Network and Global--by clicking the Display Settings link in the upper left corner and checking the appropriate content boxes. That way you'll see exactly what you want to see is going on in your JoeShopping community!

How do I know if I have Friend requests?
When you have new Friend requests, your "Friends" link in the header at the top of the page (where the "Logout" button is located) will be bold and have the number of Friend requests just after it. You can go to the Requests tab on your Friends page in your Profile to approve or deny Friend requests. You can also set e-mail alerts for Friend Requests, so even if you're not currently logged in at JoeShopping, you'll still receive a personal e-mail informing you of a new Friend request.

How do I know if I have new messages?
Just like with Friend requests, the "Inbox" link in the header at the very top of the page will be bold and have the number of unread messages in your Inbox listed. You can go to your Inbox to check your messages as well as any new Notifications you may have. And just like Friend requests, you can also set a personal e-mail alert for new messages.

How do I send messages to other members?
You can send a message to another member either by using the "Send Message" link located on a member's Profile page or by using the "Create a New Message" function in your Inbox and manually filling in the member's username in the "To:" field.

How do I upload photos and videos?
Go to the Photos or Videos tab in your Profile and click on the "Add Photo" or "Add Video" link to upload a new photo or video. For photos, the photo must be located on your computer. For videos, you'll need the embed code for the video from the website where it's hosted.

How do I write a blog post?
Just like with a photo or video, go to the Blogs tab in your Profile and click on the "Add a Blog Post" link. Then simply start writing! You can even attach a product on the site to your Blog post!

What are the Badges all about?
You can earn Badges for achieving different milestones on JoeShopping. They're a fun way to prove that you're a JoeShopping super-member! See what other members are doing to earn their Badges, then see if you can earn them yourself! How many Badges do you think there are on JoeShopping?

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