Making Your Home Decor Trendy While Staying in Your Budget

Living room with a natural Red Oak  hardwood floor.

If you’re thinking about a new custom home for 2013, there’s never been a better time to  start planning than now. Looking at the latest trends, you can get a fresh start on bringing new life to your old looks. Here’s a few of this year’s hottest trends that you can tap into without spending a fortune.

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Top 5 Home Improvements That Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Home ImprovementsLooking to save money on your monthly bills? While there are ways to scrimp and save, the most effective way of lowering your household expenses is by making improvements. Think of it the same way you’d think about investing in the stock market. You need to put up money in order to earn more money.

Once you make these improvements, you’ll realize savings every month going forward. Think of it as your interest. Every month you’ll gain more and more in interest, until the interest covers the premium. From there on out you’re in the black, saving money that you’d still be wasting if you didn’t make these improvements.

What improvements can make the biggest difference? Here are five that really stand out.

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Educational Games for $10 and Less

Are you looking for game ideas for your child? Educational games can be a lot of fun; they can teach your kid many kinds of skills and they are relatively inexpensive compared to other games.

Educational games can teach younger children the letters of the alphabet, can help school age children enhance their literacy and math skills, and they can even help kids develop problem solving and creative skills. Another great aspect of educational games is that they are often good family games.

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5 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Furry Friend’s Favorite Food Brands!

317320551_a2efb9bc57_zSo, you love your dog, cat, or other furry friend, right? You want to give them the best life possible, yes?

Well, sometimes things tempt that love. Food prices can be one of them. After all, fifty dollars on a single bag of dog food can be a lot of money. Here are some great ways to save money so Fido can enjoy his favorite brands without hurting your household budget.

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6 Home Laser Printers With the Most Bang for Your Buck

Canon imageCLASS MF3010 Laser Multifunction Printer/Copier/ScannerUntil now, the shopping decision between a laserjet and inkjet printer was fairly clear: if you want high business productivity and text quality, buy a laserjet; else buy an inkjet for good photos and graphics.

For home buyers, the choice was even easier: go for the laserjet. However, the recent popularity and growing number of color laser multifunction printers is changing all the rules.

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The Art of Thrift Store Shopping


The economy has forced many people to become creative with their shopping techniques. Money does not seem to go as far as it used to. There are basically two ways that you can look at all of this. You can mope around and be miserable about the current state of the economy which never gets anyone anywhere or you can take a different outlook on the situation.

You must see this as an opportunity for something new, a chance to change for the better. Once you understand this simple concept, everything in life becomes a whole lot easier. Here is what you need to do:

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Tips to Save Money as a New Mom

silky-soft-crib-blanketBecoming a new mom is a wonderful experience. With the arrival of a newborn, mothers experience so much pride and bliss. While this is a joyous occasion, a new addition to any family always involves more responsibility and increased financial attention.

Newborns need a variety of new clothes, medicines etc., so it is essential for moms to search for tips to save money. While it depends on what a new mom is looking for, here are some tips guaranteed to save money on any occasion.

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Saving on Spring Fashions – Plus a $500 Cash Giveaway!

Clothes ShoppingHopefully you all remembered to move your clocks ahead one hour this weekend, as we spring forward for a new season! For those of you who forgot, well, you probably were in for a rude awakening when you showed up for work late this morning…

With Spring just around the corner, it means Spring Fashions are in full bloom! You can certainly spend a fortune if you’re not careful. But you can keep your wallet and your wardrobe happy this Spring if you just know where to look! Here’s a number of tips for hunting down great bargains this Spring as you spruce up your wardrobe:

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Live the Life (While Still Being Green)

4868133268_319f7d94e0Today, it’s quite possible for people to live environmentally-friendly lives while still (if you’ll excuse the phrase) living large. Just look at celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s so green that he makes a point of flying commercially, instead of using a private jet. Yet, he still has a California mansion (powered by solar panels) and a luxurious New York apartment (which employs a fleet of hybrid limousines).

Of course, most of us probably can’t afford to go out and get one of those awesome electric Tesla Roadsters, but that doesn’t mean we have to quit living our normal lives in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are just a few everyday ways to live green while still living the life.

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