10 Classic Board Games with a Modern Twist

Before there was Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or online gaming, America was having fun simply playing board games. Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue… we’ve grown up playing these classic board games. And now, whether we’re breaking out games during a party with friends or gathering the kids up for family game night, the excitement of rolling a Yahtzee still hasn’t lost its amusement. 

Although most of these games have been around for decades, these fun versions add a new twist to old favorites. We’ve rounded up 10 of some of the coolest versions of everybody’s favorite board games in the list below. 


Wizard of Oz Scrabble, $29.99 

Available at eToys.com

Packed inside a box that reminds us of the famous ruby slippers, this edition of Scrabble comes with an exclusive Wizard of Oz dictionary.

Free Shipping on orders of $69


Donkey Kong Jenga, $29.99 

Available at Drugstore.com

Long before Princess Peach, Mario was rescuing Pauline from the evil clutches of Donkey Kong. Race to the top to save the princess before the tower tips to win.

Free Shipping on orders of $25


Family Guy Game of Life, $35.99

Available at Calendars.com

Much more interesting than the traditional pink and blue pegs, you’ll travel around Quahog as the whole Griffin family in this Game of Life: Peter, Lois, Chris and Stewie. Oh, and Meg. 

Free Shipping on orders of $25 


Monopoly Peanuts Edition, $27.96 (Was $39.95)

Available at BarnesandNoble.com

Join Charlie Brown and the gang in this Peanuts Edition of Monopoly, which includes pewter playing pieces like Schroder’s piano and Snoopy’s dog bowl and properties like Woodstock’s Nest.

Free Shipping on orders of $25

Yahtzee Super Mario Edition, $14.99 (Was $19.99)

Available at ThinkGeek.com

A Question Block from the Nintendo’s Super Mario video games takes the place of the red cup found in the original Yahtzee version.




Harry Potter Clue, $34.99

Available at Calendars.com

Hogwarts is the backdrop in this version of Clue. Play as your favorite Harry Potter character, including Harry, Ron and Hermione, as you race to Dumbledore’s office to guess the who, what and where!

Free Shipping on orders of $25 


Operation R2D2, $29.99

Available at EntertainmentEarth.com

Everyone’s favorite droid needs an operation in this version. And it’s no wonder, he took some serious abuse in the films! But be careful, like Cavity Sam, we guess R2-D2 was also denied anesthetics. Bump into him with your tweezers and he’ll let out a robotic squeal. 


Pictureka Disney Edition, $16.99

Available at Target.com

You need a sharp eye to play Pictureka, and this version is no different. The game tiles in this edition are packed with a variety of Disney-related objects and favorite Disney characters.



Simpsons Sorry!, $29.99

Available at Amazon.com

We totally think this edition should’ve been renamed Doh! Be the first player to get all of your characters (including Homer, Krusty the Klown, Mr. Burns and more) to your home base to win.

Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more


Marvel Heroes Uno, $11.97

Although not technically a board game, how could we forget a game like Uno? The cards in this Uno deck are much cooler than the ordinary ones, as they are outfitted with everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and lots more! The Skip card? Dr. Doom.

Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more


What’s your favorite board game? 



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