101 Best Stores to Follow on Pinterest

Remember when “Googling” someone was all the rage? Only to be quickly followed up with, “Do you Facebook?” Well, these days, the hottest social verb around is “pinning.” And it’s all thanks to a fun, photo-based social network called Pinterest.

We admit it. We’re totally hooked on pinning. (See for yourself!) It’s just a complete hoot to click a button and instantly add your choice of photos from a webpage to any “board” in your account. With no limits or rules really, you can create as many boards as you like, and fill them with whatever floats your boat. We’ve got Pretty in Pink, Things That Make Us Go Nom, and All About the Bacon to name a few.

We recently wrote about the 40 Online Stores You Need to Follow on Twitter, and it got us real curious about Pinterest. The network’s still in its infancy, so tons of top merchants have yet to embrace it. But after some serious digging around, we came up with a hefty list of 101 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest!

The Top 10

While all the stores on this list are fairly active on Pinterest, the following 10 really stand out for their pinning actions. So give them a follow and be sure to tell them JoeShopping sent ya!

These guys clearly know movies, but they also know how to have fun. Expect boards themed around Star Wars, The Hunger Games and even “We Heart the ‘80s.” But you’ll also find some real entertaining entertainment-based ones like DIY Crafts, Infographics and Showtime Snacks.

Obsess about clothes much? Then you’re probably already a fan of Bluefly. Their passion for fashion shines through in all their boards, including: Prada-licious Bags, Glorious Gucci and More Miu Miu to Love! But they also mix things up with collage boards like OMG! Shoes,  Flirty Spring Dresses, and Closet Pin-spiration.


The Body Shop 
The Body Shop’s Pinterest profile is a perfect blend of the company’s core values. Sure you’ll find boards based on various product lines: Chocomania, Hemp is Hot, and Crushing on…Eyes, to name a few. But other boards like Cruelty Free Beauty, Protect Our Planet and Give Back, visually explain the company’s latest campaigns.


No, it’s not what you think. Don’t expect thousands of pins filled with  Pampers. Instead, you’ll find board after board filled with adorable baby-loving photos like: Diaper Bag or Purse?, Nursery: Beyond Pink & Blue, and Getting Fit After Baby. Perfect for any new or expecting moms out there.

We don’t know exactly who Jane is, but she sure loves to pin. With over 1700 pins, GoJane’s got you covered from head to toe, literally. Besides fun boards such as Style Envy, Celeb crushes, and Make Up Inspiration, they’ve got you totally covered with boards like Nail Mania, Dashing Do’s, and Haute Heels.


Land of Nod 
If Dr. Seuss had an account on Pinterest, it’d look something like this. Pure sweetness all around, you’ll find plenty of amazing photos and fantastic ideas for your kids’ rooms with boards like Kids’ Bedrooms, Color!, and On the Wall.


QVC sells just about anything under the sun, and their Pinterest boards pretty much go all over as well. From scrumptious recipes in “Karen Dishes” to nail art in “Finger Paint,” you’ll find a bevvy of beautiful, delicious and extremely creative photos.


Sierra Trading Post 
Real fun boards full of boots, style finds, deals, accessories. T-shirts and more are the norm here. But the Share Your Adventure Photo! board is something else. Each month, Sierra Trading Post holds a photo contest on Facebook, and displays the winner in this breathtaking Pinterest board.


Vitamin Shoppe 
Yeah, we were a bit surprised too! But Vitamin Shoppe’s boards are full of health tips, recipes, motivation, exercise advice and more! Some amazingly helpful (and colorful) boards include Strike a Pose, Time to Veg, and MotivationNation.


Whatever you do, avoid Williams-Sonoma’s boards on an empty stomach. Mixed in with drool-inducing photos, you’ll find fantastic recipes, cooking tips, product suggestions and more. We dare you to make it through these boards without a single tummy rumble: Great Recipes, A Winning Game Day Celebration, and Recipe of the Day.


The Remaining 91

Looking for more great stores on Pinterest? We’ve got you covered! Just click any of the logos below to go directly to their profile page.

















Interested in Pinterest? If you want to join their rapidly growing community, you’ll need an invite to get started. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. Just leave a comment below and we’ll happily send you one! Once you’re all set up, be sure to follow JoeShopping to keep up with all of our picture-pinning shenanigans! 

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