30% Off Natural Herbal Remedies @ Botanic Choice

For the month of March, Botanic Choice is offering 30% off any order, plus Free Shipping on orders of $25.  Botanic Choice has got you covered, with products to help you keep your sanity, spice up your night or get Fluffy’s breath smelling fresh and clean.

Here are a few bestsellers already on sale to get you started:


Green Tea Repair Complex (2 oz)
Reg. $19.99 Save $14.99 Sale $5.00
$3.50 after 30% off

With rose hips, lemon grass, beeswax and 12 other skin-restoring compounds, this product will keep your skin looking toned and supple.










Herb N’ Health Tea (36 tea bags)
Regular Price: $11.99 Sale Price! $2.99
$2.09 after 30% off

With a blend of fragrant lavendar flower, chamomile flower and elder berry fruit, this tea doesn’t just taste good, it smells good, too.









Dr. Blue Cool Gel (5 oz)
Reg. $19.99 Save $15.00 Sale $4.99
$2.79 after 30% off

This product provides temporary pain relief for joint pain, muscle aches, sprains and bruises. What it won’t do is make your skin appear all cool and transparent like the picture (aww, rats!)









Cocoa Butter Cream (2 oz)
Reg. $5.99 Save $2.99 Sale $3.00
$2.10 after 30% off

Cocoa Butter Cream is wonderful for moisturizing dry lips and skin. It’s also perfect to rub on pregnant tummies to help reduce the appearance of those pesky stretch marks.










Vegetable & Fruit (90 tablets)
Reg. $14.99 Save $10.00 Sale $4.99
$3.49 after 30% off

You could eat a bowl of soybeans, garlic, celery, broccoli, grapefruit, and flaxseed (eww) or you could simply take just one of these tablets and still get the same benefits.







Save 30% on any order at Botanic Choice, plus get Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more! Use Code: MARCH at checkout. Offer expires March 31, 2011.


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