8 Essential Jeff Bridges Movies

Jeff Bridges is having a very merry Christmas. The venerable actor has two major movies out this month — the highly anticipated Disney sequel Tron: Legacy, which is already #1 at the box office, and the Coen brothers’ remake of the classic John Wayne western True Grit. But Bridges has plenty of other wonderful works in his lengthy film career, and there’s no better time to check them out!

Crazy HeartCrazy Heart
The oft-nominated Bridges finally won the Academy Award for Best Actor with his portrayal of the hard-living, alcoholic country singer Bad Blake who falls for a young journalist.






 Bridges stars as Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who gets sucked into the world of computers in this cult classic. Amazingly, Bridges plays both the 60-year-old Flynn in Tron: Legacy as well as a 30-year-old version of his computerized doppleganger!



The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show
 This 1971 movie — one of the AFI’s Top 100 American Films of All Time — launched Bridges’ career, as he played a high school football star who starts a romance with Cybill Shepard before heading to the Korean War.




After his spaceship crashes on Earth, an alien takes the form of a widow’s dead husband and asks for her help as the U.S. government hunts him down.




Thunderbolt and LightfootThunderbolt and Lightfoot
Bridges steals this heist movie as the young, light-hearted thief Lightfoot, who helps gruff older thief Thunderbolt (played by Clint Eastwood) recover the goods from an old score.





The Fabulous Baker Boys

The Fabulous Baker Boys
Real-life siblings Jeff and Beau Bridges play two brothers whose relationship is troubled by their stalled musical career and their beautiful singer, played by Michelle Pfieffer.





The Fisher KingThe Fisher King
As a depressed disc jockey, Bridges stumbles upon a delusional homeless man (Robin Williams) and gets sucked into his quest to find the Holy Grail.





The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski
The cult classic by the Coen brothers is part noir mystery, part surreal comedy, and 100% unforgettable. As slacker/stoner/bowler Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, Bridges’ character has had entire festivals devoted to him!


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