8 Great Holiday Gifts for Babies

Sure, you’ve got plenty of adults and kids on your holiday shopping list, but what about all of those tiny people we call “babies”? It might seem pointless to buy a gift for someone who’ll probably enjoy the wrapping paper and box more than what’s inside of it, but you’ll also be warming the hearts of that baby’s parents.

Here are eight great holiday gifts for babies that both they and their parents will love.

Infantino Jumbo Wheel PlayspaceInfantino Jumbo Wheel Playspace
This large, circular mat encourages babies to crawl, scoot and roll with over 20 different play features.



Johnson's Bathtime Essentials Gift SetJohnson’s Bathtime Essentials Giftset
Give the gift of a clean baby! This packed but affordable giftset includes Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Lotion, Body Wash, Baby Oil, Baby Powder, a carrying caddy, a duck bath toy and more!



Taggies Toss the BallTaggies Toss the Ball
This 7-inch soft fabric ball is covered in brightly colored tags, perfect for teething babies, and it makes a jingle when shaken or thrown.




Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo MobileFisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves Music Mobile
This adorable mobile is full of leaves, soft lights and friendly rainforest creatures, which bob up and down to classical music from Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. It can even be operated by remote control!



Melissa & Doug Picnic BasketMelissa & Doug Picnic Basket Fill and Spill
Every infant can enjoy a picnic with this set! It contains four happy, soft, brightly colored foodstuffs, including a 5-piece sandwich, all of which rattle, jingle, crinkle and squeak.



Lamaze Discovery PyramidLamaze Discovery Pyramid
Don’t be confused by the name — this mirror is purely for babies, specifically designed to support them while they lie on their tummies… as well as entertain them! It includes special straps so it can be attached to a crib, a stroller and more.



Baby Einstein OctoplushBaby Einstein Octoplush
This happy cephalopod is ready to be hugged — and plays a soft melody when he is. Each “tentacle” has a different color patch at the end which, when pressed, says the color in English, Spanish and French.



Playskool Busy Poppin' PalsPlayskool Busy Poppin’ Pals
This childhood toy is a classic for a reason — five happy jungle animals pop out when switches are flipped, knobs are turned, buttons pressed and more, teaching important coordination and motor skills. 

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