A is for Amazon’s Awesome Customer Service!

I’m a big fan of Amazon.com. They generally have reasonable prices, lots of merchandise, and you can’t beat the free shipping on orders over $25. I rarely buy anything under that, so the minimum isn’t an issue for me. Yes their site can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at times, but overall, I can usually find what I want quickly and know that my items will safely arrive within a week’s time.

Recently, I had a bit of an issue. I had purchased a $20 Amazon Gift Card for just $10 through the LivingSocial site. Great bargain! Thing is, when I went to redeem my coupon for my gift certificate, I must’ve used one of my older Amazon accounts. I actually have 3 accounts (business one, personal one, and an old “test” account I haven’t used in years). A few days after redeeming the coupon, I wanted to actually buy something at Amazon. So I logged in, added my items and went to go use my $20 gift certificate. Except, it was nowhere to be found. I actually tried using it in all 3 of my accounts, with no luck.

I was so frustrated, that I e-mailed customer service at Amazon. They say it could take up to 24 hours for a response. So I didn’t expect much and was surprised when I had a personal response later that evening. Unfortunately it didn’t really resolve my issue. So I clicked on a link to further explain my unique situation. And that’s when I saw a magical little button that said “Call Us.” I clicked the button and basically what happens is that Amazon asks for your phone number and says a customer representative will call you either now or in 5 minutes. I chose now.

Sure enough, 5 seconds later my phone rang. It was an automated message informing me that my call may be recorded or monitored, etc., and they’re connecting me with a rep. He got on, I explained my situation and… I was unbelievably shocked to say that he 100% understood my problem. He found the gift certificate in my old test account, which somehow had “locked” the card, preventing me from using it. Not only did he “unlock” it, but he managed to transfer the card to my personal account where I wanted it. And he helped me close out that old test account I no longer wanted. All of this took maybe 10 minutes total on the phone. And it was all handled perfectly.

Courteous, prompt, understanding and extremely helpful. That’s how I’d describe the stellar customer service from Amazon. And that’s yet another reason that I’ll remain a very loyal customer. 

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