A Tribute to Leslie Nielsen

Actor Leslie Nielsen passed away this past Sunday at the age of 84. While he acted in countless movies and TV shows, he’ll probably best be known for his many comedies, especially as Lt. Frank Drebin from the hilarious Naked Gun movies. In honor of this great — and hilarious! — actor, we wanted to spotlight his finest work.

The Naked Gun movies

What Nielsen will best be remembered for, and deservedly so — the Naked Gun movies are hilarious from start to finish. If you only get one, make sure to get the first one, as it’s the best of the bunch… although the DVD box set of all three is also pretty cheap.



Nielsen’s first real comedy role, he stole the movie as the straight-faced Dr. Rumack, who is certain he’s constantly being called “Shirley” in this ’70s disaster movie spoof.



Police Squad!

The short-lived TV show that inspired the Naked Gun movies also starred Nielsen as Drebin. It’s a perfect mock-up of ’80s cop shows, complete with a freeze frame at the end… although the actors are only pretending to be frozen. The Naked Gun movies are great, but the Police Squad TV series is genius.


Forbidden Planet

A lot of younger folks don’t know this, but Leslie Nielsen was actually a serious leading man back in the ‘50s. His biggest film was the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet, based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.



Leslie Nielsen’s The Naked Truth

When Leslie Nielsen decided to write his autobiography, he decided he wouldn’t be burdened by things like “facts.” The result — a hilarious and totally fake account of his career, including movies he wasn’t in and awards he didn’t win.


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