Amazon Mom: How to Make The Program Work For You

If it was up to us, we would’ve named this program Amazon You, since almost anyone is eligible to join and nearly everyone would enjoy the benefits this free membership has to offer. But it’s not our call, so the program is actually called Amazon Mom.

Maybe you’ve already heard of Amazon Mom, but in case you haven’t, here’s your crash course: Amazon Mom is a totally free membership that offers amazing savings on thousands of great products, shipped to your door free & fast. The program was designed with Moms of prenatal and toddler aged children in mind, catering to those in need of wipes, diapers, baby toys and more.

But this free program isn’t just for Moms. It’s for Dads, too. And Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Caregivers and more. Teachers? Eligible. Babysitters? Eligible. First cousin twice removed? Eligible. Heck, if you’ve ever even so much as *seen* a kid, you’re eligible. (You’ve seen one, haven’t you? They’re those little short people that run around eating paste and getting into things they shouldn’t. Remember the little fella that kicked the back of your seat for that entire 4 hour flight you took last month? One of those.)


Registration is short & sweet!


Here are a few reasons to join:

* You’ll receive exclusive discounts and personalized offers from Amazon via email or when you visit the Amazon Mom page. Tell ‘em all about your little one, and they’ll even send you some product recommendations on stuff you might need that you didn’t even know you needed (like these really cool glow-in-the-dark pacifiers.)

* One of the drawbacks of shopping online is the hefty shipping fees. Not the case here. With the Amazon Mom membership, you’ll get free Two-Day Shipping (or One-Day for $3.99) on thousands of products throughout the entire website (yup, not just baby stuff!) You’ll enjoy this free benefit for the first 3 months of being an Amazon Mom, and you’ll earn an additional month (up to a full year) of this benefit for every $25 you spend in a single order from the Amazon Baby store.  Eligible products are clearly labeled.
* Amazon’s Baby Store Return Policy. Little Tommy has been really throwing those bottles back lately and has shot up from size 6-12 month to a 2T in a matter of a few weeks. Aside from having to stage an intervention, you may be wondering what you’re going to do with the unopened package of onesies you bought from Amazon that he’ll no longer be able to fit into. Good news: new, unopened products purchased from the Amazon Baby Store can be returned for free up to 365 days after the item was delivered to your home. Returning it is a cinch (and completely free!) Simply login to your Amazon account, print a prepaid return mailing label and send it off to Amazon. You’ll then receive a full refund.

 *Subscribe and Save. You’ve seen this right? It’s a 15% off discount you receive on select products when you order them and choose “Subscribe & Save.” The Subscribe and Save option allows Amazon to deliver the product to your door, at regular intervals of your choosing. With Amazon Mom, that discounts leaps to 30% off when you buy select wipes and diapers. It might sound risky, but it’s not. You can cancel the subscription with no obligation, at any time. Does this mean you can place an order, take advantage of the Subscribe and Save discount, and then cancel the Subscribe and Save option as soon as your order ships? Why, yes it does!

Save 15% – 30% off with the risk free “Subscribe and Save” option.


And if you’re among the many who already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can join both plans (which is great if you’re really not in need of stuff like nursing pads and diaper rash ointment, but still want to enjoy the member benefits of being an Amazon Mom.) If you choose to cancel your Prime membership, you can have the unused months remaining on your subscription refunded to you.

There you have it. A free program that offers a ton of benefits and virtually no risks, fees or drawbacks (except maybe an excuse to shop even more!) at one of the best online stores the internet has to offer. So, if you want to get started, we’ve added the link below to help get you on your way. (Thanks, DaveB for the heads up on this awesome program!)

Click Here For More Information and to Join Amazon Mom!




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