Educational Games for $10 and Less

Are you looking for game ideas for your child? Educational games can be a lot of fun; they can teach your kid many kinds of skills and they are relatively inexpensive compared to other games.

Educational games can teach younger children the letters of the alphabet, can help school age children enhance their literacy and math skills, and they can even help kids develop problem solving and creative skills. Another great aspect of educational games is that they are often good family games.

Take for example Scrabble Junior. Scrabble Junior is fun board game that consists in finding new words. It’s a game that helps kids acquire vocabulary and hence improve their literacy skills.

Scrabble Junior costs less than $10 (online at Amazon). Compare that to other board games that can cost easily $25 and more. Scrabble is also a game that both children and adults can enjoy making it a great family game!

There are also educational games that promote math such as dice games. Dice games are fun, they are easy to carry around (great if you travel) and they make kids count, add, subtract and multiply numbers. For example, Yahtzee is a fast-paced game that combines math and strategy. It is a game in which players have to add and multiply numbers and also strategize in order to win the game. Yahtzee retails for around $10 (and for less than $10 on Amazon).

You also have Rory’s Story Cubes which are actually similar to dice games. Rory’s Story Cubes are a fantastic educational game. Players roll the dice and create a story. Rory’s Cubes are said to promote literacy, speaking skills and creativity. They retail for less than $10 ($5.99 on Amazon).

Subject Learning
There are also card games. For example, the Professor Noggin’s card games. These card games play like trivia games and encourage children to learn about a whole range of school subjects: history (the history of the United States, Ancient Egypt), geography, nature or science. The Professor Noggin’s card games are very popular and they retail for less than $10 ($9.99 on Amazon).

Children love puzzle games and puzzles can also be educational. For example, there are puzzles that can teach younger children the letters of the alphabet. For school age children, there are geography puzzles that can teach the geography of the United States. By spending time playing with one of these puzzle games, kids learn U.S. capital cities and learn to locate states and cities on a map. Melissa and Doug has a number of Map of the United States jigsaw puzzles that sell for less than $10.

Melissa and Doug also has great painting sets such as the Take-Along Watercolor Paint Set which sells for less than $10 (actually $5.54 on Amazon). Painting/art sets help children express their creativity and become interested in arts.

Guest Author Bio: Tom Andersen is an educational games specialist. He researches games that help children learn including games that promote vocabulary development, math and general knowledge. For more educational games ideas, please visit: smart-kid-e

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