Entertaining With Wine: Must-Have Gear for Holiday Parties

Not everyone is a born wine aficionado. And in the high season of holiday entertaining, it can be tempting to hibernate under the covers rather than host a party when your tastes run more fast food that fine dining. But incorporating wine into your next get-together doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right tools to get you started.

Food & Wine Magazine
Some people can spot the perfect bottle of wine for an occasion the moment they step into the wine store. But for the rest of us, rows and rows of wine can be a little intimidating. For the research-oriented, it might be helpful to start off by consulting a quality resource, such as a wine-centric magazine, to select wines (along with appropriate foods with which to pair them). Food & Wine is a good pick for shoppers who are looking for an eclectic mix of wines in a range of pricepoints.

Rabbit Bottle Opener
Yes, any old corkscrew will technically do when it comes to opening wine. But if you plan on serving several bottles (or if you are a regular wine drinker and plan on entertaining in the future), consider investing in the Rabbit. How it works: You place the Rabbit above the cork, push down to drive the screw into the cork, and lift up to pull the cork back out quickly and seamlessly. The Rabbit speeds up the process and minimizes the labor of opening wine, and it helps ensure that conversations won’t slow to a crawl while you’re battling with a stubborn cork rather than attending to your guests.
Wine Glasses
When it’s time to entertain, think festive. These red, stemless glasses are perfect for holiday parties. The stemless glasses are fun and practical, and the deep rouge color gives them an extra “pop.” And the nontraditional shape means they can do double-duty for red or white wines (or even cocktails).
Bottle Stoppers

When the party’s over, don’t let the leftover wine go to waste by trying to half-heartedly shove the cork back in and tossing it in the fridge. A high-quality bottle stopper will help preserve your wine for a few days. This bottle stopper’s high-end design is the icing on the cake.


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