Five Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

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The beauty of fashion is that there is SO much freedom with it, and it’s all up to you to decide how you want to look! Trends come and go with the seasons and they often recycle themselves after several years. Keeping your closet “up to date” can seem like a daunting and expensive task, but there is an easy way to keep those costs at bay!

Try to keep staple items in your closet that you can use year-round, season after season. What do I mean by staple items? Items that aren’t necessarily “trendy” and that won’t go out of style quickly. Then, as new trends arise, you can spend a little money on those items and keep your staple items to pair with them for a flawless look! 

I’ll be honest…it took me a few years to really understand the necessity of staple items in my closet. Since I’ve started blogging, my eyes have really been opened to reusing and recycling from your own closet, without ever spending a dime! The key to that is having some great staple pieces that you can reuse with newer pieces. I wanted to share with y’all a few items that I think every woman should have in her closet. Read along and see if you agree with me!


A Pair of Boots – $29.99

Boots are probably my favorite thing to wear. Not only are they super comfortable, they just look good! They are really versatile and that’s what makes them a great addition to any closet. My favorite way to wear boots is with a dress and leggings. You can also pair them with your favorite pair of jeans and a fun top. Try to find a pair of boots in a neutral color (think black, brown, and gray) so that they go with anything and can be used again and again! Cowboy boots also make a great addition to an outfit!

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A Button Up Shirt – $26.94

Some people think button up shirts are outdated, but they’re not! To increase versatility, stick to solid colors or pinstripe patterns in neurtal colors. For a classic look, wear a button up shirt with jeans and a set of pearls. For something a little more fashion forward, think layers. Wear a vest or another shirt on top of the button up shirt. Add several necklaces in various lengths or a blazer and you’ll be getting compliments from everyone. Try a brightly colored button up if you’re feeling bold!

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A Pair of Skinny Jeans – $14.97

Skinny jeans are a great staple item to have in your closet if you’re looking for something that can add variety. I love wearing a pair of tall boots with my skinny jeans for a super comfortable outfit that is great for lots of walking. Pair skinny jeans with a casual top and a pair of flats for a day of errands. If you want something a little more fun, try a flirty top and a pair of heels! Try dark wash skinny jeans to dress up your outfit even more. 

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A Colorful Scarf – $19.00

Looking for a way to add a pop of color to your oufit? A scarf is the answer! Scarves are relatively inexpensive and can be added to any outfit, whether casual or dressy. Plus, they help keep you warm in those chilly months! Wear a solid shirt and jeans with a bold printed scarf to add a little interest to your outfit. Pair a scarf with a blazer to look polished and put together. Look for online tutorials to find new ways to tie and wear your scarf…there’s so many fun looks! 

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A Maxi Dress – $24.99

I was skeptical of maxi dresses for awhile, but I finally gave in and tried one on…and I fell in love! Maxi dresses look great on everyone and they don’t need much extra to look stylish! I wear them a lot during the hot summer, paired with sandals and a simple necklace. Don’t think they are only for the summer, though. For the winter months, pair your maxi dress with a jacket or blazer (and a scarf!). If you’re still cold, wear a pair of leggings underneath. No one but you will know! Try a striped or printed maxi dress for something a little more fun. 



Fashion can become really fun once you start learning to use your closet, and you can save money at the same time! As you shop, think about what you are buying. If it is something that you would wear again and again, you may feel okay splurging a little on it. Neutral colors work great when shopping for classic items because they go with everything! That doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be boring, though. Accessories (like jewelry, shoes and scarves) can add fun pops of color to any outfit!

There’s a few more things that I think every woman needs in her closet (like a pair of nude pumps and a couple of cardigans), but I think the above list sums up most of my staple items. Now go and take a peek into your closet and start thinking of fun and creative ways to re-style some of your old favorites!


What do y’all think of my list? Would you add anything to it?

Tell us in the comments below!

Megan is a full-time registered nurse and part-time blogger who enjoys spending time with her husband and their three (large) puppies. She also enjoys reading, crafting, spending time with God and shopping for great deals. Visit Megan at her blog Mackey Madness and find her on Twitter at @Mackeymadness.







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