Halloween Decorating: Be the Coolest House on the Block


Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit.

Before we moved we had a neighbor that went all out for Halloween. The decorations around their house were insane. Also, awesome. They didn’t miss a trick (or treat).

Now that we are in a new town I’m hoping to find something similar to gawk at, but if the neighbors aren’t ready to entertain me I’ve taken the liberty of creating a shopping list that will help them get started. You’re welcome, neighbor.

fog machine

Eliminator E-118MKII Dynamic Duo Fog Machine, $60.88

One of the best special effects that you can purchase is the classic fog machine. Not only does it set the scene for weary trick or treaters, but you can use it all year long. School dance? Introducing the football team? Staging a play? There are many non-Halloween reasons that you may need a fog machine. It’s an investment in the future. (Don’t forget the fog juice!)



smoke bubbles

200W Fogger Machine-Bubble Fog, $21.99 to $49.99

Of course, if you really want to take it up a notch you can get this very cool bubble machine. Bubbles? How are they scary? Well, these bubbles are full of our friend, fog. That’s right! Pop these cute little bubbles and wisps of smoke-like fog will flow through the air. Okay, that’s still not scary, per se, but it is really, really cool.




Dawn of the Lawn Dead

Skull and Hands Halloween Yard Art Decor Decoration, $10.99 at Buy.com

If you need something a little more creepy consider these official Dawn of the Dead Skull and Hands Halloween Yard Art Decorations. You can use the Dawn of the Dead to make your yard a Lawn of the Dead. And yes, I’m fully aware that my line is so much better than their copy.




glow in the dark signGlow in the Dark Scary Grave Yard Sign – Scary Halloween Decorations, $7.19 at Buy.com

Just in case you’re afraid a bunch of little kids will somehow miss the skeleton crawling out of the ground in front of them, you can point to it with this handy “Scary Graveyard” sign. It glows in the dark!



spooky light

American DJ Vertigo Special Effects Lighting System, $79.99

The last thing you’ll need is some proper lighting. Not only does lighting set the spooky mood, but it also provides a safety aspect if your walkway is somewhat treacherous. As an added bonus, this type of light is popular with DJs, and like the fog machine it will have many uses throughout the year. Uses, dear neighbor, that will hopefully be over before I go to bed.



And that is how you can make your house a must-see this Halloween season. No reason to thank me, just save my kids some of the good candy.

Whit HoneaToday’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit, a.k.a. Whit Honea. You can find Whit at a number of blogs and websites including BabyCenter, DadCentric, UpTake, Insert Eyeroll, Man of the House, The Disney Blog, Parentables and Honea Express. Whit lives outside of Los Angeles with his wife, their two boys and too many pets. Follow him on the Twitter!

He’ll be by your place around 7ish on Halloween night. Make sure the bubbles are on.



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