Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for Twilight Fans

Nothing brings 12-year-old girls and their 40-year-old mothers together like the Twilight Saga. Whether they are Team Edward or Team Jacob, they are all on the same team when it comes to enjoying OMG the most awesome Twilight stuff EVER! Get the Twilight fan on your list one of these fab gifts and you’ll never hear the end of it. SRSLY.


Twilight Underwear WomenWomen’s Boy Brief Underwear Twilight Wolf Team Jacob


Team Jacob has a uniform, and it consists primarily of items worn below the waist. Hence, boy-cut underwear for women. Seems obvious. Coupons




Twilight Blu-RayTwilight Blu-Ray Gift Set


Get the movie that started it all (right after the book that started it all). Plus, tons of other things that any diehard Twilight fan will love. (Not to be confused with twilight Diehard fans, that’s a different demographic.)

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Bella Edward CaseTwilight Eclipse Vintage Carrying Case Edward and Bella


Like Edward, these vintage carrying cases imply that they are older than they appear. Keep your lunch or trinkets safe, just like Bella when she’s in Edward’s arms. His old, old arms. Coupons




Twilight BrushPRO Beauty Tools Bella Twilight Sparkle Ion/Ceramic Professional Round Brush – Purple


Based on the brush used on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, this brush does what all other brushes do, but for TWILIGHT! Worth every penny.

Best Buy Coupons




Team Jacob bracletTwilight Eclipse Bracelet Team Jacob


The Twilight fan on your shopping list is sure to love this beautiful Team Jacob beaded bracelet — unless they’re Team Edward, and then they’ll probably throw it in your face. Note: Know team allegiance prior to shopping. Coupons



Twilight BarbieBarbie – The Twilight Saga New Moon Jacob and Jane Dolls


Barbie is not one to miss an opportunity. Hence, the Twilight Barbies. Jacob comes with real ab action! Ken can’t touch that.

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Twilight Puzzle BallThe Twilight Saga: New Moon 240-Piece PuzzleBall


Round puzzles? That’s the kind of “out of the box” thinking that has made Twilight so popular. Taking it out of the box required. Coupons




Bella's Hair CombTwilight Breaking Dawn Bella Hair Comb Velvet Box Replica


At two bucks it’s hard not stocking up on these replicas of Bella’s hair comb and velvet box. Stocking up. Get it? Because it’s Christmas.

Entertainment Earth Coupons




Twilight RingBling Jewelry Twilight Bella Style Moonstone Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


This lovely ring is just like Bella’s! It’s a great gift for the Twilight fan that wants to pass as normal on occasion. Coupons




Twilight JewelryTwilight Breaking Dawn: Bella’s Wolf & Heart Bracelet Prop Replica Jewelry


Team Jacob loves their jewelry, and nothing shows that better than this Wold & Heart bracelet. And it is a howling good deal!

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Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Tell us in the comments below!


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