How to Keep Your New Year’s Diet Resolution

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit.

Big Man Getting Fitted for a SuitWe all do it. We celebrate the new year by making fitness resolutions that sound fantastic, then we put a lot of energy into them for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, until they slowly slip away. It may start with a beer and a slice of pizza, but it ends with a monthly bill to a gym we never go to and a bunch of stylish exercise clothes that will probably be too small for us when we make the same resolution next year. It’s a vicious circle of denial. Like a doughnut.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually see a healthy resolution all the way through? The concept isn’t as novel as it seems — you watch TV, people do this stuff all the time. We’re hoping that these products can help.

Cook This, Not ThatCook This, Not That


There are a number of diets out there, some work for some, and others for others. I know, that’s deep. The trick is finding the diet that works for you — and that you will stick to. In the meantime, use this to trim some calories from your fast-food cravings.

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ProForm ExerciseProForm 290PX Exercise Bike


Dieting alone won’t give you the results you want. Exercise is a key component in the battle against the bulge. Indoor bikes are great for avoiding traffic, weather and being able to watch TV/kids while riding your way to fitness.

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Waring Pro JuicerWaring Pro JEX328 Juicer, Health Juice Extractor


Dieting isn’t just about what you eat, but what you drink as well. No, I’m not talking about the liquid diet you went on in college (I can’t believe you remember that!), but fresh juice made in your very own kitchen! Squeeze it. Coupons


Vitamin BibleEarl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible


Dr. Earl Mindell wrote the book on vitamins — literally. Find out what you don’t know about vitamins, dosages and benefits from this popular book. The doctor is in.

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Whit HoneaToday’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit, a.k.a. Whit Honea. You can find Whit at a number of blogs and websites including BabyCenter, DadCentric, UpTake, Man of the House, The Disney Blog, and Honea Express. Whit lives outside of Los Angeles with his wife, their two boys, and too many pets. He’s one week into his diet. Follow him on the Twitter!

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