How to Run for President on a Budget

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit.

If we’ve learned anything from the good people of New Hampshire it is that anyone can run for president. No, I am not talking about the current field of GOP hopefuls in their fancy suits sitting on their overgrown wallets (although a case can be made for them as well), but real, honest, attention-seeking people. You know, the whack-jobs.

That’s not to say you’ve got to be crazy to run for president, but it helps. Also, lots of money. However, not all of us have bottomless pockets to support a campaign — that’s where this list of helpful, affordable political items comes in:


SoapboxSoapbox Bags Fiji Oyster Case


The first thing any serious politician needs is a soapbox to stand on. This is where you rant and judge and make promises that people want to hear. My question: Why stand on a rickety old soapbox when you can have a really nice one on your arm?

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PacManNAMCO Pacman Bartop


We’ve all seen how important it is to have a super PAC do your bidding so that candidates don’t have to get their hands dirty. Is there a PAC more super than Pacman? I don’t think so. Added bonus: Can also be used for pie charts!

*not affordable for everyone

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Skeletons in the ClosetSkeletons in the Closet


Nothing shakes up politics like a good scandal. While everyone has their respective skeletons in the closet, the trick is to keep yours hidden while publicly berating the competition for theirs. (Extra points if their secret is of a similar nature to your own.)

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First Aid KitGrab ‘n Go 3 Day Emergency Deluxe Kit 4 Person – First Aid


One of the key discussions in the current election is health care (or it will be once people stop trash-talking each other). You’ve got to have a solid health plan or at least be able to spit on the plans of your rival. I’ve seen it both ways.

This first aid kit makes a great health plan, and it comes with enough bandages that you might even be able to fix the economy. But not really.

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And there you have it, some great ways to help you run your presidential election. Results may vary.

Whit HoneaToday’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit, a.k.a. Whit Honea. Whit makes campaign promises at BabyCenter, DadCentric, UpTake, Man of the House, The Disney Blog, and Honea Express. He lives outside of Los Angeles with his wife, their two boys, and too many pets. He’ll vote for you if you’ll vote for him. Follow Whit on the Twitter!


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