Introducing JoeShopping Rewards!

 If you haven’t heard about JoeShopping Rewards, you need to check it out – stat! It’s a totally free program here on JoeShopping that rewards members like yourself for using the site. Just by being social, you’ll earn JoePoints which can be cashed in for crazy exclusive coupons and gift cards for popular stores like, Fandango, BuyCostumes, and more! 

So now that you know what JoeShopping Rewards are and have your eyes set on one of the super awesome, super exclusive offers in our Rewards section, you might be wondering how you can start earning your JoePoints. Read on and in no time flat, you’ll be snagging deep discounts and spending free gift certificates!


#1 – The good news is, you’ve already started earning points! Just for registering, 10 points were automatically added to your Spendable JoePoints account (15 points if you uploaded a profile pic during the registration process, as well). Ka-ching! Super easy.

Note: If you took the registration shortcut and signed up using your Facebook or Twitter account, you probably noticed that it automatically used your default pic from those websites. Unfortunately, you won’t see the extra 5 points until you upload another pic. Although we appreciate your “work smarter, not harder” work ethic, our point system does not.

#2 – One of the fastest, easiest points you’ll earn every day are the Daily Free Points. Just click on the “Daily Free Points” text on the right hand side of the screen in your profile and you’ll instantly snag 3 points. You can do this once a day, every day (even weekends and holidays! Take that, banks and postal services!).

Now that you’ve registered, start mingling amongst the community. You may want to start by updating your shopping status. Let us know what you’re up to, dish about a recent purchase or just talk about anything else that’s on your mind. Or, if you’re the outgoing type, comment on another user’s profile. You’ll earn 1 point each for both of these tasks.

Other easy ways to accumulate points every day include rating products, rating deals in our Hot Deals section, writing reviews, uploading photos and videos, and lots more! You can earn well over a hundred points in your first day here alone!

Exercise your right to vote! Rate a Hot Deal and earn 1 point (5 points daily max)


You can also earn points by submitting coupons to our Online Coupons and Deals section. Maybe you’ve seen a really good coupon code while on Facebook or Twitter, in a banner while shopping your favorite online store, or heard about one through the grapevine. Spread the word by adding the coupon to our database, and you’ll earn yourself 2 points for each coupon you submit (20 points per day max).

Submitting coupons is easy! Just fill out the form, click “Add” and you’re all set!


#3  – Looking to accumulate major points? We’ve got good news for you, overachiever. You’ll find several ways to rake in unlimited points, including posting highly-rated deals and by referring friends to our site. Use our “Refer a Friend” feature to wrangle up your pals instantly via Facebook, Twitter or email. You’ll score 10 points for each one of your amigos that signs up and earns 20 points themselves.

Whether you have friends in high places or low, you’ll earn points when you get ‘em to register


Oh, and one last thing, play fair! Spamming the site with low quality content, creating multiple accounts, or referring yourself or imaginary people in order to gain extra points is simply not cool (read: violates the JoeShopping Rewards program rules.). We’ve made earning points pretty easy (and fun!), so there’s really no reason to cheat the system. If you do, we may have to confiscate all of those shiny points in your account and/or ban you. And we really don’t like having to do that. So, no cheating! If you have any questions, please refer to the JoeShopping Rewards Terms of Use. 

Cheaters? Angry puppy.

So now that you know how easy it is to start earning JoePoints, what are you waiting for? Remember, each JoeShopping Reward is available for a limited time only or while supplies last! Run along, young grasshopper, and start getting some of those nifty JoePoints you keep hearing so much about!


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