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Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Oceandreams.

For the longest time Apothica has been my number one source to find quality makeup and beauty products from my favorite brand names. They offer everything from Essie nail polish to lotion, masks, perfume, and more. Right now I’m focusing on being more frugal, so I was thrilled when I saw that JoeShopping currently offers Apothica coupons and the current coupon allows free Priority Shipping on an order more than $49.

I don’t know about you, but shipping makes a huge difference to me when I’m shopping for beauty products. It’s like going to a shop in person except you get the privilege of shopping online without the additional costs! There are a few products in particular that I’m dying to try out. In fact, I’m going to tell you why and show you some fabulous photos right now.

I’ve actually already used and own Too Faced Shadow Insurance and it works like magic! When it comes time to buy more, you better believe I will be using this same eye shadow insurance again. It’s a silicone based primer that basically eliminates any creases that would normally show up on your eyelids while wearing eye shadow. The formula magically maintains a barrier between the oils of your skin and makeup while evening out your skin tone.

I’m discovering a lot of bloggers love their nail polish these days and it’s easy to see why! You can play with color that adds to your outfit, creating even more of an appealing look to your audience or even for your own fashion taste! A nail polish I’ve come to love is Essie and it stays on your nails for a long time. The orange Braziliant color by Essie is sassy and set for the summer time. I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to incorporate orange into my wardrobe and I think Essie’s nail polish is a great way to accomplish my goal.

I’m really needing {okay, really desiring} some new red lipstick and I previously wrote a review on DuWop, and ever since I have wanted to invest in their beauty products! Their Private Red DuWop Lipstick is special because not only is it red, it doesn’t look outrageous on your lips. The reason why? It has a new “mood lip” technology that changes the color on your lips to compliment your complexion. It also contains Vitamin E and Henna, which is a no-fade pigment. 

Last, but certainly not least, a girl always needs a new CHI, right? I happen to be in love with my CHI, but the color is quite boring. I think I need a pink one ASAP! CHI straightening irons are amazing because they can curl, bend, spiral, and of course fabulously straighten your hair! This limited pink flat iron is very light weight and has a 360 degree Swivel Connection to prevent tangling. The Flash Heating is amazing because it generates 150-180 degrees of heat in only 6-10 seconds. I admit I need to use my CHI more frequently than I do. Due to the thickness of my hair, it takes quite a long time (up to a half an hour) to straighten my hair. However, the results are worth it.

I’ve just briefly touched on the products that Apothica has available. With JoeShopping’s magical coupons not only can we save money, but we can stock up on some pretty amazing beauty products that I just so happen to adore. I hope you find some great beauty supplies that you adore too.


Oceandreams Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Oceandreams, a.k.a. Sierra. For over three years Sierra’s been blogging on her personal blog Ocean Dreams. She has lived in sunny Southern California for over seven years but recently moved to Utah. Some of her interests include the ocean, fashion, shopping, interior design, Pilates, nonprofit organizations, Disneyland, creating art cards, and travel. You can catch Sierra on Twitter at @oceandreams4u.





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