Make Your Own Customized UNO Cards

UNO has been around for generations and despite its name, there’s definitely more than just one type of UNO cards to play with. From baseball teams to beach-friendly plastic cards, there are dozens of different decks to choose from. But here’s a deck you won’t want to “Skip.” In honor of UNO’s 40th anniversary, Mattel is allowing you to personalize your playing cards with your very own images!

Visit the MyUNO site and you’ll be able to design your own deck of UNO cards with the pictures of your choice, and it’s totally easy. First, select images from your hard drive that you’d like to upload to your UNO cards. You can select up to six of your favorite photos to add to your deck. Then, assign the images to each category in the deck. Designate Dad as the “Draw Two” or make Grandma the greens, it’s entirely up to you! The customized cards can be used for wedding favors, birthday party favors, or as a fun replacement to the cards already in your board game stash.

JoeShopping’s Andrew, Jeff, Megan, Sierra, Jill, and our very own Joe demonstrate how to customize your own cards. You can upload up to six images to add to your deck.

The cost to create your own cards is $19.99, with $7.50 for shipping. You’ll want to stay tuned to UNO’s Facebook page, where you’ll find coupon codes to discount the cost of your order.

Would you buy personalized UNO cards? How would you customize your own deck? Let us know in the comments below.


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