Making Your Home Decor Trendy While Staying in Your Budget

Living room with a natural Red Oak  hardwood floor.

If you’re thinking about a new custom home for 2013, there’s never been a better time to  start planning than now. Looking at the latest trends, you can get a fresh start on bringing new life to your old looks. Here’s a few of this year’s hottest trends that you can tap into without spending a fortune.

Shades of Grey

The long-lasting sophisticated grey is standing its ground and staying in fashion for the year of 2013. Grey can be combined with natural woods or organic based colours like yellow-greens, reds and orange for a more vibrant effect. This grey fashion trend can be easily followed by simply painting one of your walls, producing a feature wall or you could simply purchase a few grey or silver accessories to place around the room, this option will be a lot more subtle, but just as stylish.

Clean lines

Clean, and streamlined looks are quick and easy to create, especially in the bathroom. Functional and elegant modern bathroom design is an important part of new home design or home staging. The variety of bathroom features, furniture, decorative materials like modern wallpaper or wall and floor tile designs gives bathrooms the change to be unique, to stand out from the crowd and still be contemporary and minimalist.

Bathrooms and their fixtures can be expensive, but remember that high quality furniture will last through the years and make a great investment. Good quality bathroom furniture with a sleek finish, straight edges and slim unspoiled handles are sure to never go out of fashion. Place these wherever suits you best and pick out a few accessories which will complement the sleek feel throughout.

It’s the little things that count

Accessories can make or break a room, but they definitely don’t have to break a budget. The fashions of 2013 introduce layering and grouped accessories. Pass on hanging your artwork on the wall, instead simply lean them on the wall, the positive to this trend is the lack of effort required. If you would like to add a little dimension to your mantel try to layer large and small frames on top of each other, this will produce a little visual interest.

As for the group of accessories spend a little time picking out a few mirrors in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes and place them on a wall of your choice, in a style of your choice, distribute them over a small space in any shape or order you like. Get creative with your accessories, let your style flow.

So there you have it the trends of 2013 on a budget. The trends of 2013 don’t have set rules just a few guidelines, so always remember to pick out colors  accessories and items which suit your taste in order to create the most comfortable interiors for you!

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Image via Boa-Franc/Flickr 

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