New Releases: Books (1/20/11)

Cozy up with this week’s new book releases!

Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the ImpossibleFlash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible by Daniel Burrus and John David MannBuy Now!
A book about trying to stop problems in your life before they happen — specifically, that “you should try to.” Sounds like good advice to us.



ShadowfeverShadowfever by Karen Marie MoningBuy Now!
Part 5 in the Fever series, which is about a sexy woman who discovers a sexy but dangerous secret world of sexy but dangerous immortal faerie people. Sex and danger are involved.



Call Me IrresistibleCall Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsBuy Now!
One charmed woman breaks up her equally charmed best friend’s wedding and then falls for the would-be groom. Do romantic comedy hijinks ensue? Apparently, they do!



My Father at 100My Father at 100 by Ron ReaganBuy Now!
Um, Ronald Reagan’s 100th  birthday would be February 6th,  2011. Ron Reagan knows that his dad is dead, right? Surely someone told him by now? Because if not, this is going to get super-awkward.




Strategic MovesStrategic Moves by Stuart WoodsBuy Now!
Part #19 of the Stone Barrington Series. Action-lawyer Stone Barrington gets a client who supposedly knows where Osama bin Laden is. Turns out he’s just as hard to catch fictionally is he is in real life.




The Weird SistersThe Weird Sisters by Eleanor BrownBuy Now!
Three sisters, named after Shakespearean characters by their eccentric, emotionally distant literature professor father, come home to deal an overabundance of literary illusion.





You Know When the Men Are GoneYou Know When the Men Are Gone by Siobhan FallonBuy Now!
Because the toilet seat finally stays down! Am I right, ladies? Right?






HeartstoneHeartstone by C.J. SansomBuy Now!
Part 5 of the Matthew Shardlake Series. Bored by the prospect of a merely conducting a massive naval war with France, Shardlake decides to spend the summer of 1545 investigating several murders, too.




The Girl in the Green RaincoatThe Girl in the Green Raincoat by Laura LippmanBuy Now!
Part 11 of the Tess Monaghan Series. Private detective Tess is pregnant and on bed rest when the dog-walking girl in the green raincoat stops walking by her window. Having apparently never heard of TV, she decides to investigate from her bed.


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