New Releases: Books (February 10, 2011)

Fantasy, autobiography and mystery are worth reading about this week in new book releases. Be sure to read in a well-lit area. Your eyes are important.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah HarknessBuy Now!
Historian/witch Diane Bishop finds a magical manuscript and accidentally unleashes a variety of demons, the undead and the requisite sexy vampire.


Angel by James PattersonBuy Now!
We’ve read the summary for this seventh and penultimate book in the Maximum Ride series a dozen times, and we’re more confused than when we started. Suffice to say, if you’re not already a fan of the best-selling young adult/sci-fi series, this is probably not the book to start with.

Known and Unknown: A Memoir by Donald RumsfeldBuy Now!
Um, is Donald Rumsfeld saying there are things about his life he doesn’t know? Did someone classify his own life as top secret, and prevent him from living it?

I Think I Love You by Allison PearsonBuy Now!
Two Welsh teens obsessed with David Cassidy in 1974 get a chance to meet him in 1998. Frankly, 24 years seems a long time to wait for anything David Cassidy-related.


A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan BradleyBuy Now!
The 11-year-old sleuth Flavia de Luce discovers a corpse in her own backyard. Sounds rough, but for a would-be detective, that must be like hitting the jackpot.

Spirits in the Stars by Erin HunterBuy Now!
A group of bears travel north across the Arctic to meet some other bears in this sixth book in the animal-centric Seekers fantasy series. Do they make it? Bearly.


Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition by Grant MorrisonBuy Now!
While amnesiac and traveling through time, Batman moonlights as a caveman, a pirate, a pilgrim, a cowboy and more. And people say comic books have gotten too serious.

Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style by Kate BettsBuy Now!
The power of style — not as useful as the power to read minds, but better than the power to talk to fish. (Sorry, Aquaman.)

I Beat the Odds by Michael OherBuy Now!
The true autobiography of the guy who went from being homeless to playing pro football to having a movie made about his life called The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock. He didn’t just beat the odds, he shot them out of a cannon.


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