New Releases: DVDs (February 1, 2011)

This week’s DVD new releases are being overrun by rodent-sized dogs, alien monsters and an adolescent vampiress.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2Buy Now!
Finally! All those sleepless nights you’ve spent agonizing over the questions left unanswered by the first Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie — your respite is here!

Let Me InBuy Now!
Chloe Moretz (the girl from Kick-Ass) stars as a vampire who befriends a lonely young boy in this remake of the acclaimed Swedish horror flick. I don’t want to spoil anything, but he lets her in.

Alice in Wonderland: Two-Disc 60th Anniversary EditionBuy Now!
The Disney classic, in high definition for the first time. It includes a ton of extras, including a somehow-lost-until-just-right-now song by the Cheshire Cat.

ConvictionBuy Now!
Hilary Swank becomes a lawyer to free her brother Sam Rockwell, who’s wrongly convicted of murder. It takes her 18 years, but lucky for us the movie’s only 108 minutes long.

Never Let Me GoBuy Now!
An acclaimed indie film based on the equally acclaimed Japanese novel. Why they released it on the exact same day as the only other film with “Let Me” in the title is beyond us.

Monsters: Special EditionBuy Now!
In this acclaimed independent sci-fi film, alien monsters take over a section of Mexico and a journalist and his boss’ daughter decide to travel through it, because… well, otherwise, it would be a very boring movie.

The Tillman StoryBuy Now!
No snark — NFL star Pat Tillman quit football to enlist in the army, was shipped off to Afghanistan, and died mysteriously. This documentary follows his family’s attempt to learn the truth.

Hatchet IIBuy Now!
This movie’s title is kind of inaccurate. It should be called Hatchet, Chainsaw, Gun, Etc., but that probably wouldn’t have looked as good on the movie poster.

Welcome to the RileysBuy Now!
After losing their daughter, James Gandofini and his wife adopt a young prostitute played by Kristen Stewart. As prostitutes go, that seems like a pretty solid choice.


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