New Releases: DVDs (February 8, 2011)

Babies, ladies, poltergeists and mystery make this week’s DVD new releases a total popcorn fest!

Life As We Know ItBuy Now!
Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl must set aside their hatred of each other when their friends die and leave their 1-year-old in their care. Yes, this a romantic comedy. Yes, really!

For Colored GirlsBuy Now!
Tyler Perry directs a star-studded cast in a genuinely moving examination of the myriad challenges faced by black women. Tyler Perry made all of the Madea movies. This blows our minds.

You AgainBuy Now!
Kristen Bell’s brother marries her high school nemesis Odette Yustman! Odette’s aunt is Sigourney Weaver, who is the nemesis of Kristen’s mom Jamie Lee Curtis! Grandma Betty White also has a nemesis! That’s a lot of nemeses!

I Spit on Your GraveBuy Now!
The 2011 remake of one of the most loathed films of the ‘70s. No one seemed to mind this one, but we don’t know if that’s technically an improvement or not.


Columbo: Mystery Movie Collection 1991-93Buy Now!
Six TV movies full of Peter Falk’s offbeat police lieutenant Columbo. Please note this is the mystery movie collection; the Columbo romance movie collection, horror movie collection and hard R-rated movie collection have not been scheduled for release yet.

Paranormal Activity 2Buy Now!
Cameras record various spirits messing with a young family. (They should have skipped the cameras and spent that money on an exorcist.) It’s available on DVD and a DVD/Blu-ray/digital copy set, as is an unrated director’s cut.

Doctor Who: The MovieBuy Now!
Back in 1995, Fox tried their hands at making an American version of the long-time British hit Doctor Who. It didn’t work, and British nerds sighed in relief. But this TV movie’s still pretty good, and even hardcore Who fans are glad it’s finally available.

Ong-Bak 3Buy Now!
The final volume of the amazing Thai martial arts trilogy has three times the Ong and three times the Bok of the first two movies.


Thelma & Louise: 20th Anniversary EditionBuy Now!
The acclaimed, feminist reworking of typical male buddy/road movies finally comes to Blu-ray and — wait, you’re just buying this to see young Brad Pitt in high definition, aren’t you?


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