New Releases: DVDs (January 25, 2011)

We recently started blogging weekly about hot items that are in-stock and shipping now from retailers in several categories, including Video Games, DVDs, Books and Music. It’s horses, hornets and horror in this week’s DVD releases! 

SecretariatSecretariatBuy Now!
A.k.a. Seabiscuit 2. Be honest — if they just slapped a new package on some old Seabiscuit DVDs, and redubbed every time someone said “Seabiscuit” with “Secretariat,” would you notice? Would anyone?



RedRedBuy Now!
This action-comedy about Bruce Willis and his fellow retired CIA badasses is totally unrealistic. You’re telling me they wouldn’t once stop at Denny’s for the senior citizen discount? I think not!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s NestBuy Now!
The Swedish movie conclusion to the Swedish book trilogy, which includes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire. If she’s kicking hornets’ nests now, The Girl is clearly getting more foolish.

Glee: Season 2 Vol. 1Glee: Season 2 Vol. 1Buy Now!
The teacher has gotten creepier, the kids more annoying, and the songs less impressive. Really, they should’ve changed the title this season from ”Glee” to “Mild Apprehension.”

Saw: The Final ChapterSaw: The Final ChapterBuy Now!
There have been six Saw movies before this final flick. Apparently it’s quite hard to avoid getting into rooms full of torture equipment and evil-looking puppets.

MI-5 Vol. 8MI-5 Vol. 8Buy Now!
The British series based on the exploits of James Bond’s bosses. It seems there’s a British actress who pretends to be American and isn’t very good at it, which should be somewhat entertaining.

Open Season 3Buy Now!
Apparently Boog the bear is upset that Elliot the mule deer is hanging out with his girlfriend instead of him. Sounds like a rollickin’ adventure of passive-aggressive behavior to us!

Nowhere BoyBuy Now!
This docudrama on John Lennon’s childhood reveals John Lennon had a real bummer of a childhood. Who knew? Besides, like, everybody?

Zorro: The Complete SeriesBuy Now!
If anyone had told us that there was a Zorro show in the ‘90s which lasted 88 episodes, we never would’ve believed them. And yet here it is.

Broadcast NewsBuy Now!
The acclaimed 1987 movie gets the Criterion Collection treatment, meaning it’s chock-full of critical analysis in case, you know, you can’t enjoy the movie just as a great comedy.


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