New Releases: Music (February 2, 2011)

Relive the good ol’ days with new collections from old favorites like Bob Marley, Rod Stewart and George Michael, then enjoy some new hotness from Ricky Martin, Red and the North Mississippi Allstars.


Bob Marley and the Wailers, Live Forever Deluxe EditionBuy Now!
Now you can experience Bob Marley’s last recorded concert, from way back in 1980 in Pittsburgh, PA, without the danger (or benefit) of a contact high.

Ricky Martin, Musica + Alma + SexoBuy Now!
Wait, why did Ricky Martin name his new album “Music + Spirit + Six”? Must be his lucky number or something.

Rod Stewart, The Best of the Great American SongbookBuy Now!
Stewart’s Songbooks are already kind of greatest hits albums anyways, so this is a greatest hits of greatest hits. Look forward to Best of the Best of the Great American Songbook in 2017!

Red, Until We Have FacesBuy Now!
We know rock band Red has won a lot of Grammys, but how do they sing without faces? That seems like it would be difficult.

George Michael, Faith: Special EditionBuy Now!
Remastered and including a second disc of instrumental versions, live versions and remixes, and also available with or without a DVD of music videos. Yeah, it’s a double-dip, but George Michael had an expensive 2010.

WOW Gospel 2011Buy Now!
Two-discs of 30 of the best gospel songs of 2010! Yes, there were at least 30 gospel songs released in 2010! No wonder the album’s called “WOW.”

Todd Snider, Live: The StorytellerBuy Now!
The critical darling/guitarist releases a live album where he tells stories. Or tells stories about living, or maybe he’s just alive and also happens to have a story. Although the first option does seem most likely.

North Mississippi Allstars, Keys to the KingdomBuy Now!
Another great alt country/blues-rock album from the beloved band. Meanwhile, what are the South Mississippi Allstars up to? Nothing, that’s what.


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