Oscar Worthy Dresses You Should Wear

So did you watch the Academy Awards on Sunday night? What did you think? Besides a few wardrobe malfuctions and Ryan Seacrest getting ashes spilled all over him, the event was pretty uneventful, yes? I’m kidding. I enjoyed the award immensely and loved seeing all of the dresses. By now most of you know my infatuation with dresses (hello Juicy Couture dress). I love them so much that if I wasn’t careful they would be all that I wear.

The good news is that even though I love to wear dresses during the spring and summer (and even the fall and winter with leggings,) they come in so many different styles! I’m talking ruffles, bright colors like coral, florals, lace and more. And even though I can’t wear fancy dresses like what you see at the Oscars, I can still wear pretty and simple dresses that are just as Oscar worthy in my opinion.

Other trends I adore that can be incorporated into a dress ensemble? I love the mint color that’s very much in style right now and I just found a dress from Old Navy that I plan on purchasing. Hurray for helpful Old Navy coupons too! So let’s look at some of my favorite fashion staples (aka dresses), shall we?

I’m pretty speechless when it comes to some dresses, hence why I love maxi dresses. The only problem? Sometimes they are too long on my 5’5″ frame. So I have to either plan on wearing heels, hem the bottom of the dress, or find a maxi dress that’s made for semi-short people like myself.

This maxi dress to the right is called a Speechless Maxi Dress. With the bright printed pattern and sleeky design, it makes me speechless. I would love to wear this dress this summer to the beach or wherever else my travels take me.

If you’re into tropical dresses and plan on taking a vacation this summer, you might want to check out a stylish tropical floral prined dress, such as a V-Neck Dress by Journee Collection. An empire waistline and spaghetti straps look great on this dress and plus, this frock is also affordable – it is only $38!

If you want to accessorize your baby girl to match your pretty floral ensemble you might want to check out Carters Baby Dress. It’s super sweet and has bold floral designs that are perfect for your little one to wear during the warm months. I think it would be the sweetest thing to have mommy and daughter matching, don’t you?

What about a Jessica Simpson floral dress? A Sleeveless Empire Waist Floral Dress might be just what you are looking for. Paired with some wedges and a darling beige cami, you will have a perfect new dress to wear to events that are taking place during the spring and summer.

For the younger gals out there, there are some stunning juniors dresses that scream fashion. Find an Xhilaration Junior Hi-Low Sleeveless Dress that has the in-trend color mint green as a part of this lovely frock’s pattern. It also has a scoop back and is made out of polyester and spandex for a sleek and stylish fit. If you really are in love with mint (like me), you also might want to take a look at this gorgeous Faux-Pearl Pleated Dress Mint Green. Trust me, it’s really pretty and minty green. Need I say more?

So start hunting for trendy and stylish dresses for the spring and summer. Pretty soon you’ll be as addicted to dresses as I am. After all they are Oscar worthy and oh so comfy, sleek and beautiful.

Today’s JoeShopping post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams, a.k.a. Sierra. Sierra is an ocean dreamer who is a freelance writer, blogger and fashion addict. Some of her additional interests include excercising near the ocean, shopping, interior design, social media, Disneyland and more. You can catch Sierra on her blog Ocean Dreams and you can find her on Twitter at @oceandreams4u.






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