Our First $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

It’s giveaway time here at JoeShopping.com. We’ve been getting so much love lately from the Blogging Community, that we thought we’d give something back and host our own Blog Giveaway! One lucky blogger will…

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! 

How to Enter:
Just write a blog post about JoeShopping.com. Anything you’d like. Blog about our comparison shopping. Talk about the countless product reviews from regular users. Marvel at the adorable badges you can unlock just by using the site. Coupons. Hot Deals. Forums. JoePoints. Status Updates. Personal Shoppers. Help from the Community. You name it. We just want you to write a blog post about our little ol’ site to help spread the word.

Your entry must contain the following 2 links:

1. One of the following phrases (best price, best deals, compare prices, price comparison, best deal, lowest price, best prices, or comparison shopping) which is hotlinked to the URL: 

2. You must mention that the contest is being sponsored by JoeShopping.com and link to the URL: http://www.joeshopping.com/profile/JoeShopping/blog/&blogId=812&Our-First-100-Amazon-Gift-Card-Giveaway

Additional Rules:
Your blog post must also:

1. Be at least 150 words
2. Be written in English
3. Consist of new, original content written by you specifically for this sweepstakes
4. Be posted on a blog where you own the domain (such as www.joesblog.com) or hosted on a legitimate blogging site such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, etc. (Blog sections of social networks such as MySpace.com or even JoeShopping.com are not eligible.)

To Submit Your Entry:
Get your blog post live and send an e-mail to blog -AT- joeshopping.com by March 31, 2011 at 11:59pm ET. Be sure your e-mail includes your name, blog post title, blog post URL and you must state that you agree to the Official Rules of this sweepstakes.

Winner be chosen by random drawing. Feel free to leave any questions in the Comments section below. Good luck!


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