Product Pages Just Got a Facelift!

We’re continually rolling out new features over here at JoeShopping HQ, like our recent Hot Deals and Coupons sections. And don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more along those lines coming up real soon! But we just finished a real nice overhaul of our Comparison Shopping Product Pages, so we thought it’d be helpful if we pointed out some of the changes we made!

The below screenshot of a Tokyo Spinout Cars 2 Play Set points out a few of the newest changes:

Compare Prices


1. Product Info: The basic product info is now easier to digest, with info including the product’s name, photo, price range and the number of stores selling it. Below that is the current average user rating for that product along with the current number of review. You can rate the product yourself, if you’re logged in, by mousing over and clicking the second set of stars.

2. More or Less:  This top section is now a set height, so you can see the Price Comparison grid no matter how big the product description is. We capped product descriptions so you’ll always see a snippet of the description. Click the “more” link to read the entire description.

3. Share This Product: We moved our Social Share buttons closer to the product image so you can easily share the page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or even your JoeShopping profile. We also integrated Google’s slick new +1 sharing feature too!

4. Reviews: Click the “Reviews” tab to see all product reviews for that product. You can even find reviews from Amazon users on products across!

5. Merchant Ratings: We now feature Merchant Ratings in our Price Comparison grid so you can see how popular (or unpopular) certain stores are with our users.

6. Coupons & Deals: Our coupons and deals are integrated with our Price Comparison grid. If a store selling that item also has coupons or deals available, we list them here. Just click the link to slide down with the appropriate information. There’s no need to leave the page!

In addition to those changes, we’ve tweaked the overall design of Product Pages to make things smoother and easier to navigate. We hope you like how things look! We’ll continue to roll out even more improvements, so keep your eyes peeled.

What do YOU think of our new Product Pages? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Is there a feature or tool that we should add? Leave a comment below or contact us to let us know how we’re doing!


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