Pucker Up! Lip Balm That’s Perfect for Valentine’s Day (And Beyond!)

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams.

During the winter time I’m constantly on the hunt for really good lip protection that not only keeps my lips moist but smells and tastes good too. Guys and gals each like different lip products and it really depends on their preference and needs!

Lip protection is of course a good idea for Valentine’s Day (kissing your sweetie is a good thing too!) and it’s also great for those cold winter months as well.

Here are a few lip products that I’m currently in love with. I’ll also point out some lip products that my boyfriend uses during the winter and even during the warmer months as well! No one likes to have cracked or dry lips – I certainly don’t! Having his and her lip protection is important during the the winter months and certainly is nice for special holidays like Valentine’s Day too. :)

EOS Lip Balm – $2.96

My newest lip balm obsession? EOS. I love the unique shape that the lip balm comes in (a fun ball with finger grips to hold on to it!) and I definitely love the yummy taste it leaves on your lips. Not sure if this is a good lip balm for guys (unless they like honeydew) but I happen to love it. It also comes in different flavors like strawberry sorbet. Yum! I put it on my lips every night before I go to bed. It’s not gooey and it makes your lips feel ultra soft!

Another good feature about this lip balm? It’s organic!

Use Walmart coupons to help with a lot of these lip products!

Weleda Everon Lip Balm – $3.63

Another great lip balm? Try Everon Lip Balm from Weleda. When I was hunting for some excellent lip balm I came across this and decided to give it a shot. Not only do I love it, but my boyfriend loves it as well! He asks me where it is every night so that he can use it too, ha ha.

It doesn’t have a girlie taste to it and yet it still manages to feel great and taste great on your lips. Like EOS it is soft and also organic. It’s made out of organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter and beeswax that all work in tandum to intensely moisturize your lips! It also consists of organic rose and vanilla extracts that leave a light, refreshing fragrance.


Blistex Lip Balm – $1.49

Want to know what is a man’s bff, besides the love of his life, that is? Blistex! My boyfriend loves this stuff. Plus it comes in so many forms. Find medicated Blistex, anti aging lip treatment, and even a Raspberry Lemonade Blast!

Blistex is great for everyday wear on your lips and feels great too. It does a great job at protecting your lips when you’re out in the sun and keeping your lips moistened at night too.

My boyfriend absolutely loves Blistex and I think it’s a great versatile lip balm for both men and women alike.


Christian Dior – Lip Gloss Color Awakening Lip Balm – $29

I have yet to try this lip balm, but I had to put it in this post because it’s Christian Dior (yes I have a weakness for name brands) and because I also love that Dior offers technology in this lip balm providing color on your lips!

Not to mention this lip balm comes with SPF 15 and also is available in yummy flavors like wild mango. I know it’s a bit pricey but a girl can splurge every once in a while, right?


I hope you enjoyed my picks for different types of lip balms. There are so many to find and once you find the right lip balm, it’s hard to go back! (Hence my addiiction for EOS.)

P.S. Lip balm also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie! :)

Do you have any favorite lip balms that you can’t live without?

Do you plan on getting any of these amazing lip treatments

for Valentine’s Day or the winter time?

Tell us in the comments below!


Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams, a.k.a. Sierra. Sierra is an ocean dreamer who is a freelance writer, blogger and fashion addict. Some of her additional interests include excercising near the ocean, shopping, interior design, social media, Disneyland and more. You can catch Sierra on her blog Ocean Dreams and you can find her on Twitter at @oceandreams4u.


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