Refer Your Friends and Get Rewarded

There’s a JoePoints party at JoeShopping and you and all of your friends are invited!

Whether you have friends in high places or low, we’re giving away JoePoints for every one of them that you refer! Once they register and earn 20 JoePoints themselves, 10 JoePoints will be deposited to your Spendable JoePoints account. Rack up enough JoePoints and you’ll enjoy some of the sweet rewards we’ve got stowed away in our Rewards stash!

Inviting your pals is quick and easy! Click the “Invite Your Friends” button below (you’ll also find it located throughout the site) to spread the word to all of your Facebook and Twitter friends. Or, choose “Email Your Friends” option to use your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail to send an invite to all of your email contacts.

Even better, want to send them a link to your favorite JoeShopping page? Earn referral points when they click on any JoeShopping link and sign up just by adding a special code to the end of any URL. Simply grab the full URL of the page you want your friend to visit and add this to the end of the url: &ref=USERNAME (You’ll want to change the “USERNAME” to the actual username you use on our site!)

Here’s an example:
Let’s say user Andrew wants to send his friends straight to the Rewards page. He’d simply use this:

Remember, the amount of JoePoints you can earn by referring your friends is unlimited! So if you’re ready to start earning referral points (and populating the JoeShopping community with all of your cool friends,) click the link below to get started!

Invite Your Friends

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