Store Spotlight: Bento Box Gifts

Store Spotlight: Bento Box Gifts

With an assortment of cute and thoughtful gifts packed up in a Japanese-styled lunch box, Bento Box Gifts offers a neat, one-of-a-kind approach to gift giving.

Bento Box Gifts

What It Is
Whether you have a love of Japanese culture or are looking for a special gift for a loved one, Bento Box Gifts may have just what you’re looking for.

Creator Mimi Kolb, inspired by a bento box (a Japanese lunch box which contains food organized into visually appealing little portions) has taken this method of lunch packing and turned it into a cute, creative gift giving experience. The Bento Box Gift box takes a departure from the traditional gift bag the same way a bento box breaks away from the boring brown paper bag. Tucked neatly in charming polka dot or striped boxes, you’ll find items like good luck charms, fortune cookies and jewelry.

This Baby Bento Box comes packed with a medley of interesting items, like a onesie (which can be personalized with the included iron-ons), washcloths wrapped like sushi rolls, wiggly eyes (so you can have eyes on the back of your head!) and “Mom Spit” (a fig and green tea scented no-rinse cleanser) 

This Girls Bento Box includes an assortment of girly goodies like a lipstick-shaped pen, pretty pink bracelet and button candy.

Bento boxes run from $15.95 with their little With a Cherry on Top box, up to $65.00 for their Baby Gift Bento Box. And though not packaged in a bento box, their affordable Happy Travel Grab Bag ($8.99) is also chock full of neat gifts, like a handmade “Road Trip” soap bar and vintage postcards, wrapped up neatly and sprinkled with fun, tiny trickets.

Shipping is free on orders of $150 or more. 

Why We’d Use It
With more than ten different types of gift boxes to choose from, Bento Box Gifts offers up a variety of items ready for whatever the situation, whether a friend’s birthday or flirty gifts for your signficant other.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for from their current selection, Bento Box Gifts also offers to put together custom bento boxes, which can include various hand-picked goodies suited perfectly for your special occassion.

While you won’t find any delicious Maki Sushi rolls or yummy steamed veggies packed in these bento boxes, the gifts included at Bento Box Gifts are still sure to please.

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