Store Spotlight: Fred Flare

Store Spotlight: Fred Flare

From cupcake scented pens to Betsey Johnson leggings to a zombie board game, Fred Flare offers a plethora of unique merchandise for just about everyone.

Fred Flare

What It Is
How often have you found yourself with a hankering for a half pound gummy bear on a stick? Or had an oozing, gaping wound that could only be remedied with a Pac-Man bandage? Or felt the late night/early morning desire to channel Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffanys”?

Okay, maybe you haven’t. But trust us when we say that when you see the stuff on this website, you’re going to immediately get that “OMGIGOTTAHAVEITRIGHTNOW!” feeling.

Fred Flare. Home of all things super cute and super quirky. Give yourself five minutes on this website, and you’ll come up with a host of things that you suddenly “need.” Whether it’s something to jazz up your desk, stuff to liven up a party or if you’re just looking for a unique gift, Fred Flare has it all.


      Featured above: Mini Foosball table, Lego Stop Animation Video Camera and Rubik’s cube clock

But don’t get us wrong. Not only does Fred Flare carry a lot of really cool, off-the-wall stuff, they also carry hip clothing and funky accessories.


Featured above: Oahu Sunrise Halter Dress, Disney Couture Prince Charming Necklace and Barbie “Blondes Have More Fun” Tee

Eh, Fred Flare’s prices are fairly reasonable. A t-shirt (like the Barbie tee shown above) sells for $28, whereas something like their ice cream lamp runs for $48. But they do have plenty of items under $15, and their sale section is plentiful.

Shipping is $9.95 for UPS Ground (or currently free when you spend $100 or more.) Shoppers also have the option to pick up their orders in person at their Brooklyn store.


Why We’d Use It
Where else could you find cool brands like Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui, and favorite characters like Hello Kitty, Yoda, Snoopy and even Yo Gabba Gabba’s Brobee all under one roof (unless someone threw a super awesome party made of truckloads of win)? And while they may not be the cheapest (though definitely not the most expensive) online store around, their cool assortment keeps us coming back for more.

Plus, Fred Flare strives to stay green, making environmentally friendly choices such as using recycled materials for office supplies and packing material.


With lots of stylish apparel and kitschy stuff for your office, living room, kitchen and more, you can make your entire life over with uber cool Fred Flare merchandise. We suggest starting your day with the bacon treatment (bacon toothpaste, floss, soap and breakfast.) Mmm…bacon. 

Shop Fred Flare now!

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