Store Spotlight: Warm Biscuit

Store Spotlight: Warm Biscuit

With their adorable bedding made from vintage fabrics and their selection of fun, retro toys, Warm Biscuit brings charm and warmth back to children’s bedroom decor.

Warm Biscuit

What It Is
You’re out shopping for the kids again, this time you’re looking to redecorate their bedrooms and update their bedding with fresh new sheets and blankets for spring. While you’re cruising down the aisles, you find yourself surrounded by brightly colored, obnoxious cartoon characters and wild over-the-top prints. You find yourself craving a simpler time, when the blankets on our beds were handcrafted by Grandma and children played with toys that were fueled by their imagination rather than handfuls of batteries.

Warm Biscuit is perfect for parents craving a departure from seeing Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer faces plastered on everything. They offer a feeling of nostalgia, and brings us back to an age of innocence, with wholesome, vintage-inspired bedroom decor ranging from bedding, wallpaper, pillows and more. Their soft, hand quilted bedding is made from fine cottons and comes in an assortment of timeless patterns, like toile, polka dots, and plaid, and are trimmed with darling, old-fashioned details like pom pom and ric rac. These are the qualities that make Warm Biscuit bedding just right for handing down from generation to generation.

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Warm Biscuit also has a wide variety of toys for boys and girls of all ages. But you won’t find any video games or Sing-a-Ma-Jigs among them. Instead, Warm Biscuit brings us back to basics, offering retro play things like wooden toys, tin lunchboxes, and Golden books.

Featured above: Child’s Sewing Machine, Western Fort Play Set, and Kids Marble Set

Warm Biscuit is a little expensive, with some sheet sets costing $150 or more and some toys over $100. However, they do offer 41 gifts under $50, good prices in their Super Sale section and free fabric swatches if you’re looking to get a peek at the fabrics before you buy.
Shipping rates start at $6 and increase depending on the total of your order.  

Why We’d Use It
Aside from their already crafted selection on their website, Warm Biscuit also offers shoppers the opportunity to order custom room decor. Their seamstress will sew custom curtains, shams, and lots more from your choice of fabrics and detailing. They also sell many personalized gifts, like rocking chairs, wall art and engraved jewelry.

Personalized Hand-Painted Toile Name Tiles


Updating your kid’s bedroom with unique bedding or adding just a few extra special touches is easy with Warm Biscuit. As for us, we’re kind of crazy about their cool, old fashioned toys (like this neat Deluxe Wooden Castle with built-in moat and drawbridge or this awesome Red Retro Bike!) 

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