The 10 Greatest Gifts for Geeky Moms in 2010

Recently, a first grader named Katie was bullied for carrying a Star Wars thermos to school. After her mom told her story on a blog, the Internet rallied around Katie, creating a “Support Star Wars and Geek Pride for Katie” day on December 10. The Facebook event page currently has over 19,000 people attending.

In honor of Katie, Katie’s mom, and geeky moms everywhere, we present’s 10 Greatest Gifts for Geeky Moms in 2010:

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter ($24.99 MSRP)

This official Star Trek collectible from ThinkGeek  is ready to boldly cut pizza that no pizza cutter has cut before! It’s stainless steel, comes in its own gift box, and it’s shaped like the NCC-1701 Enterprise — the one from the original Star Trek TV series.

Star Wars Space Slug Oven Mitt

Star Wars Space Slug Oven Mitt ($19.99 MSRP)

It may not have been able to eat the Millennium Falcon in “The Empire Strikes Back,” but it’ll certainly pull a pizza out of the oven (which you can then cut with the Star Trek pizza cutter!). It’s made of a fire-retardant nomex cotton blend and has a little Falcon icon in the “mouth”! Snatch it at the Star Wars Shop.


Junk Food T-Shirts

Junk Food T-Shirts ($Var. MSRP)

Every nerdy mom needs a shirt with her favorite character on it. Junk Food  offers the widest and most stylish selection, with shirts featuring superheroines like Wonder Woman, classic cartoon characters like Rainbow Brite, and characters from almost any show, cartoon or movie you can think of!

 Brightfeet SlippersBrightfeet Slippers ($19.99 MSRP)

The only thing worse than a cold floor is stubbing your toe in the dark. Take  care of both problems by getting your gadget-geek mom these slippers (available at Amazon), which come with lights embedded in the toes so she doesn’t have to turn on the lights. They even come in five designer colors.


Recycled Keyboard Clutch PurseRecycled Keyboard Clutch Purse ($37.95 MSRP)

Made from 210 old black keyboards keys, this purse from NeatoShop is as environmentally helpful as it is stylishly nerdy. It’s got a denim interior and a zipper, so all of mom’s gear will stay safe.


Star Wars Slave Leia PerfumeStar Wars Slave Leia Perfume ($39.99 MSRP)

Who wouldn’t want to smell like the hottest princess in the galaxy? Available at the Star Wars Shop, this perfume is a “mix of cashmere woods, musk and night-blooming jasmine,” and it smells nothing like Jabba the Hutt, for the record. However, if a better gift for mom would be to make dad smell better, you might try “Shirtless Kirk” cologne!

 Cupcake Usagi Shoulder BagsCupcake Usagi Shoulder Bags ($7.50-$36 MSRP)

 This wonderful Etsy store makes shoulder bags out of classic bedsheets, shirts and other materials adorned with comic book superheroes, Star Wars, ‘80s cartoon and more.

Tru Blood Beverage ($16.00 MSRP)

Any true fan of HBO’s sexy vampire drama “True Blood” will be thrilled to quench their thirst with this replica of the synthetic blood beverage Vampire Bill and his fanged brethren drink on the show. Pick yours up in many stores or online. Don’t worry, it’s more blood orange soda than actual blood… or so they say!

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie JarDoctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar ($26.99 MSRP)

 The Doctor’s time-traveling TARDIS is legendary for being bigger on the inside  than it is on the outside, making it the perfect place to store cookies. This 6x6x9 jar also makes the TARDIS’ signature noise when opened, so your cookies may be having adventures through time and space! Available from the extremely geek-friendly Entertainment Earth.

Luxury Lane SoapLuxury Lane Soap ($5-$10 MSRP)

This wonderful online shop ( makes soaps in all kinds of nerdy shapes: UFOs, videogame characters, Lego pieces, and an amazing Han Solo in Carbonite you have to see to believe. They range from $5 to $10 and would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for any geeky mom!


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