The Best of Betty White

It might be the understatement of the year to say that Betty White is having a moment. Arguably best-known for her turn as the hilariously naïve Rose in “The Golden Girls,” White has experienced quite the career resurgence over the past 18 months, landing roles in major movies and even hosting an episode of “Saturday Night Live” due to a grassroots Facebook campaign movement. Whether you’re a long-time fan of White or a Betty newbie, these are five must-have items for your collection:  

The Proposal

This movie’s success at the box office was due as much to the charms of White as it was to the chemistry between co-stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Scene-stealer White plays Reynolds’ grandmother in the film.


The Golden Girls 25th Anniversary Complete Collection

Rewatch your favorite episodes of this iconic sitcom with your best friends (and, of course, some cheesecake) with this boxed set, adorably packed in a replica of Sophia’s purse.  The set includes all episodes from Seasons 1-7 on 21 discs, collectible playing cards, and hours of bonus material from every season.

 Saturday Night Live: Best of ’09/’10

No Betty White collection would be complete without her SNL turn from this May. The entire season isn’t out on DVD yet, but you can check out highlights from White’s hosting gig on SNL on this collection of the best clips from the 2009-2010 season.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Fourth Season

In Season Four of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” White made her debut in as the uber-competitive Sue Ann Nevins.  The guest appearance turned into a full-time gig for White, netting her two Emmys for her performance.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Fourth Season 


Betty White 2011 Wall Calendar
A great gift for yourself (or for the Betty White fan in your life). Featuring 12 months of Betty.

Betty White 2011 Wall Calendar


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