The Best Wii Games of 2011, According to My Kids

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit.

WiiIt’s January, and that means the lists of the previous year are starting to wither and die as people tire of the past and return to the now. But not me: it’s LIST-O-MANIA (not to be confused with Lisztomania, which is confusing enough on its own)!

Today’s list is the Top 5 Wii Games of 2011 according to my children. Yes, they are experts. Please keep in mind that they are 5 and 8 years of age, respectively, and therefore this list does not include shooting games and other things of a violent nature. It only includes the games they played ALL OF THE TIME.

Top 5 Wii Games of 2011

Epic MickeyEpic Mickey


The only drawback to Epic Mickey is that it is a single player game, which is ridiculous, but everything else about it is lots of fun — the 8-year-old is especially taken with it. Walmart Coupons

Donkey Kong Country ReturnsDonkey Kong Country Returns


When the kids wanted a Donkey Kong game I thought it was time for the old man to show his skills. Not so much. The kids, however, show off all the time. Target Coupons


Pirates of the Caribbean LegoLEGO Pirates of the Caribbean


LEGO? Disney? Pirates? Video game? What else could a kid ask for? Sure there is fighting in the LEGO games, but what falls apart is easily put back together (like real LEGO toys, but with less screaming). Target Coupons

Kirby's Return to DreamlandKirby’s Return to DreamLand


Kirby returned, and the dreams were waiting. Also, the kids. The cute, pink hero provides fun for the whole family, one dream level at a time. Walmart Coupons

Disney UniverseDisney Universe


Not only can the characters dress as 40 of their favorite Disney characters, but this game is filled with non-stop action (too much action for some of us) and allows four people to play together. We’re talking family time, people! Walmart Coupons

And there you have it, the Top 5 Wii Games of 2011 as picked by my kids.  


What games would you put on the list?

Tell us in the comments below!


Whit HoneaToday’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger Whit, a.k.a. Whit Honea. Whit makes campaign promises at BabyCenter, DadCentric, UpTake, Man of the House, The Disney Blog, and Honea Express. He lives outside of Los Angeles with his wife, their two boys, and too many pets. He hates the game, not the player. Follow Whit on the Twitter.


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