They Got a Ring, You Got Cool Giants Merchandise

This past weekend, the New York Giants took home their fourth Super Bowl title after successfully defeating the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI. Sure you can enjoy Big Blue’s victory by buying up Victor Cruz jerseys, Eli Manning posters or an assortment of NY Giants shot glasses. (And you should!)

But the real fans, the diehards who bleed blue, will be looking to go that extra mile. They’ll be looking to really show their teams colors and rub it in to their friends’ faces. That’s why we’ve put together this list of cool Giants merchandise to really help celebrate the G-Men’s win, everyting from a toaster that brands a Giants logo to coasters filled with real turf from Giants Stadium!



      NY Giants Toaster           NY Giants USB Flash Drive      NY Giants 3-pc Baby Set
  $32.99 at         $17.99-$42.99 at          $7.49 at



NY Giants Silver Cufflinks         NY Giants License Plate      NY Giants Garden Gnome
  $59.99 at                 $19.76 at            $24.99 at Sports Authority



NY Giants Coaster Set                 NY Giants iPad Sleeve             NY Giants MVP Watch
$39.99 at                $24.99 at          $52.45 at



    NY Giants Car Mats                      NY Giants Golf Bag                NY Giants Boardshorts
 $22.88 at          $249.99 at         $59.50 at



How do you show your team spirit?



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