Top Twitter Fashionistas You Must Follow


Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams.

Now, I may be biased because I love fashion, but there are so many outstanding fashionistas that I’ve come to love and admire for not only their style, but their hearts. Twitter has opened up my eyes to new sites and people that I never would have met otherwise. Here is a list of four fashion-related ladies in no particular order who love to tweet and share their delectable fashion taste with me and everyone else through their tweets. If you follow them they can share their fashion desires and tastes by tweeting away on Twitter with you too!

1. Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe is the go-to stylist for the Hollywood elite. With unprecedented success in red carpet dressing, Rachel’s clients have become well known stars on many best dressed lists in both fashion and mass media outlets.

Learn more about Rachel Zoe and her amazing style by catching up on the Rachel Zoe Project season 1.

2. Jordan Reid


Jordan runs a blog named Ramshackle Glam that has become one of my favorite blogs just due to Jordan’s amazing style, personality, and her love of many fashionable things. I love how she describes herself on her blog: “Lifestyle host, DIY enthusiast, practicing foodies, experimental decorator, semi-obsessive road tripper, reconsidered actress, unlucky traveler, and general disaster.” I love how Jordan cherishes life and has fun with everything she tackles!

Plus she loves wearing shoes, aka heels! YES!

3. Sydne Summer

@SydneSummer  Los Angeles

Sydne is a fashion expert, stylist and blogger who also is the editor-in-chief of Think Thru Fashion. She also has been sought after for events from designers like Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Kole and BCBG.  

4. Andrea Levinthal


Andrea is Us Weekly’s Online Style & Beauty Director and co-author of The Hookup Handbook. I love her candid honesty and she most often makes me laugh!

If you liked this list of fashionistas let me know and perhaps I’ll do a part 2 of glamourous women that inspire us to look and act our best! Being successful takes a lot of confidence and their accomplishments just didn’t happen overnight for these ladies. Perhaps let’s send them a tweet and let them know how much we appreciate their style. While we are it, lets tell them all about the amazing hot deals we have available on! That way when shopping strikes them next, they’ll know where to turn. 

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams, a.k.a. Sierra. Sierra is an ocean dreamer who is a freelance writer, blogger and fashion addict. Some of her additional interests include excercising near the ocean, shopping, interior design, social media, Disneyland and more. You can catch Sierra on her blog Ocean Dreams and you can find her on Twitter at @oceandreams4u.



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