Two Ways to Snag an Amazon Kindle Fire

Been a little rotten this year? Or simply not good enough? Not sure Santa’s bringing you that Amazon Kindle Fire you’ve been dreaming about? Well, whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re in luck. We’re giving a sleigh-full away to a few lucky users right here on JoeShopping! Here’s the scoop:

You’ve Got 2 Different Ways to Win a Kindle Fire!


1) Enter our Bucket List blog contest.
The clock is ticking and the end of the world is (maybe) upon us. What are some of the things you want or want to do before time’s up? Flex your creativity muscles and let us know in a blog post (now through 12/25).

2) Get one from JoeShopping Rewards
You know those shiny points you’ve been accruing in your Spendable JoePoints bank? Have you been saving up for something super special? We hope so, because right now in our
Rewards, we’ve got some really awesome prizes you can spend your points on. Kind of like this AMAZON KINDLE FIRE! Yup, for 3,000 JoePoints, it can be yours (and yours, and yours, and yours. We’ve only got 4 of them left as of this writing.).

Don’t have enough points? Don’t fret. Remember, you can earn points every day for doing stuff like posting Hot Deals, submitting coupon codes, and referring your friends to JoeShopping. Need more ideas? Click here.


Our Holiday Gift Guide giveaway has ended.

2) Enter our Holiday Gift Guide giveaway.
Seriously simple. Earn an entry into our random giveaway by completing 1 (or all 5!) of the qualifying super easy tasks. You can even earn extra entries daily by retweeting. You’ll have until 12/15 to complete this one, so get clickin’ on one of those handy widgets a.s.a.p.!



Good Luck and Happy Holidays!


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