Vamp Up Your Style with Bella’s Twilight Inspired Wardrobe

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams.

I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn (the movie that’s part of the Twilight trilogy) coming out this weekend. Are you? It arrives in the theaters on Thursday and I’m making my mom gow with me on Friday! :) I thought I was over the Twilight films until I watched the latest film. It seems like during every movie the plot thickens and the fashionable outfits on all of the characters gets better! I’ve read all of the books so I thought I would see the rest of the movies through!

One thing I love about the Twilight films is Bella’s fashion statements via her outfits. Did you know that in the first Twilight film Bella moves to Forks from Arizona? The costume designer dressed Bella in a lot of warm weather wear with Southwestern elements to let the audience know that she’s an Arizona girl at heart. She also loves to wear shirts with warm colors and neautral tones that remind the audience of the desert. You actually don’t see Bella in cold weather wear until later in the film. Bella was so used to the warm weather in Arizona that when she moved to Forks she wasn’t prepared, which is why we don’t see her in a rain coat until later in the movie.

So I found a few photos of Bella for inspiration and came up with a nice selection of what she would wear. I hope you enjoy the clothing elements!

So what does Bella like to wear?

Keep in mind that Bella’s a simple girl who still shows off a beautiful wardrobe of clothing. You won’t find her in girlie elements, but she isn’t afraid off her style in other ways that are vintage and chic.

Chaps Uptown Chic Plaid Shirt - Through out the films you’ll find Bella in a lot of plaid shirts. A plaid pattern adds classic appeal to any ensemble and wearing a plaid shirt for weekend wear is cozy and comfortable. For a great weekend look, enhance your plaid shirt with a pair of jeans, which is what I’ll showcase next.

Old Navy Women’s Jeans – Vintage Classic Rise Boot-Cut - Soft, washed jeans are a stylish staple that Bella embraces throughout the Twilight films. She loves a nice pair of casual jeans that keep her warm. She looks very stylish at the same time! This classic pair of jeans feature fivepocket styling and a zip fly with button closure. Don’t forget about the Old Navy coupons that are availalbe on the site! 

Old Navy Surplus Jacket - Bella also embraces the military look and I think another Old Navy piece of clothing is suitable to her style. This jacket features detailing such as two sets of snapflap pockets, a hidden drawstring to cinch the waist, and a smooth placket to hide the fullfront zipper.

Bella’s Wolf and Heart Bracelet - Just for kicks I’m throwing in Bella’s signature wolf and heart bracelet into the mix. You can own your very own bracelet that was given to her by Jacob and Edward (similar to what’s in the book and the films) and wear it to the movie theatre!

So now you’re all set with Bella’s inspring apparel and bracelet for a Twilight statement. Anything that involves urban wear and neutral tones will be found in Bella’s wardrobe. Through this next upcoming movie I’m sure her clothing will change – we’ll be seeing Bella in a lot of relaxed tees and comfortable clothing as she gets ready for the birth of her and Edward’s child. I’m excited to head to the movies on Thursday and maybe I’ll see you there! :)

Today’s official JoeShopping Blog post was written by Featured Blogger OceanDreams, a.k.a. Sierra. Sierra is an ocean dreamer who is a freelance writer, blogger and fashion addict. Some of her additional interests include excercising near the ocean, shopping, interior design, social media, Disneyland and more. You can catch Sierra on her blogOcean Dreams and you can find her on Twitter at @oceandreams4u.


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