Vera Bradley – Pretty Fabric Accessories and More That Keep You Organized

Vera Bradley is one of my favorite go-to sites to find fabric holders that keep my stuff safe. Plus, their designs are great and trendy. Why? From their delicious patterns to their lovely colors, all of their accessories, purses, and more look so nice you want to eat them. Plus – they have absolutely everything. My like for this fabulous brand name took place after I found a hair straightener holder made out of fabric at TJ Maxx one day. Ever since I’ve been on the look out for Vera Bradley. Plus, with Vera Bradley coupons, that’s bound to help, right? ;)

They seriously have so many products that I love that if I started shopping I don’t think I could stop. :) Let’s start with their On The Go Handbag. Their compact wallet is simple and sophisticated with its pretty design. Plus it holds just the right amount of the essentials such as your ID and coins. I also happen to love the pink and navy blue floral design – perfect for spring time, don’t you think?

If you’re a new mom or you just need a bag that will store all of your essentials, Vera Bradley also has purses or totes that are a lot bigger, such as the Pleated Tote in Viva la Vera. This tote comes complete with two wrap around exterior pockets that hold larger items, and in addition four interior compartments will keep you well organized. Hold a baby binky, blankets, diapers, or whatever else you need in this bag. Also – I happen to think it would be ideal to use for traveling. It has the perfect amount of space for traveling!

Let’s not forget that Vera’s accessories come in a variety of patterns, so if you like the style of a tote but want different colors and patterns, you can certainly switch up the pattern. Vera has fun patterns with pretty names such as Lemon Parfait, Folkloric, and more. Besides, their totes and more are extremely affordable. You’d think this tote above would be at least $100, right? Well, the good news is that it is only $60. In addition, find a Comin’ Up Roses Handbag that’s the perfect size. Not to mention there’s also the Large Duffel and Mini Hipster to add to your purse and traveling collection.

There are many other items available from Vera Bradley. Find a Mail Box Stationary Desk Set in Very Berry Paisley and even Cocktail Plates for $4.50 each and they are simply lovely. There’s also a Passport Cover for only $21 and Glass Paperweight that’s perfect for your office that can be bought at an affordable price of $15.

There’s one another thing (among many other points I could bring up), that makes me love Vera Bradley even more: 10% of Vera Bradley’s net proceeds from the sale of select products on their site will be donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and other breast cancer projects and services. Isn’t that great?!

So what are you waiting for…I would head on over to JoeShoppng’s Vera Bradley shopping page and check out all of their great products. If you need to get organized and keep your accessories and more safe – keep it well protected and pretty with amazing accessories that will certainly do the trick. 

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