Wacky Gifts for Every Pro Sports Fan

We’re 99% positive that you’ll be shopping for at least one sports fan this holiday season; almost everybody has one in their lives! But once they have the jerseys, the hats, the balls, the jackets, whatever, it can be pretty hard to shop for them. Hard — but not impossible. Here’s a list of one wacky sports gift for every major sport, available in almost every team!

Foamheads Mascot HatsNFL — Foamheads Mascot Hats
You may have seen Green Bay Packers fans where those giant cheesehead hats, but did you know each team has their own ridiculously shaped hat? The Chicago Bears have a huge bear head, the Kansas City Chiefs have an arrowhead, etc. Why let the Packers fans be the only ones that look silly?


Pangea ProToast ToastersMLB — Pangea ProToast Toasters

Any Major League Baseball fan will wake up a little happier if they know their breakfast toast will come emblazoned with their teams logo on it. These toaster have special burners which toast the logos in the bread, but without burning it. Each two-slice toaster can also handle waffles and frozen bread.


Forever Collectibles Lawn GnomesNBA — Forever Collectibles Lawn Gnome
All the squirrels, birds and bugs will know what team your NBA basketball team is a fan of if they have one of these lawn gnomes in the yard. Each gnome stands 11-inches tall, is made of resin, and has been hand-painted.


Tog Dog Die-Cast ZamboniNHL — Tog Dog Die-Cast Zamboni
They resurface the ice, and they make great stocking stuffers! These 1:64 die-cast metal Zambonis (that’s Hot Wheels-sized) come emblazoned with each NHL team logo and are only $10.


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