Who wants $3,000?

Have you guys seen our $5,000 Refer-a-Friend Contest? We’re giving 1 lucky winner $3,000 and 20 Runners-Up will walk away with a cool $100 apiece.

What do you have to do to win? Just have the most social friends on JoeShopping, that’s all! To enter, fill out the entry form and then type in your friends’ email addresses in the field to send them a referral message.

But here’s a hint to really help you guys top the charts: After you fill out your entry form, grab the Referral Link (under the Option #1: Share Your Link section) and paste it everywhere! Use that link on your Facebook page, on Twitter, on your own personal blog. If you have tons of active friends on Facebook, plenty of followers on Twitter or a slew of regular readers on your blog, why not refer them here using that link?

There’s still an entire month left to enter the contest. And no matter when someone signs up from your link, we’ll record all their points from the first 2 weeks they sign up. At the end of the contest, the user with the most total referred points wins. It’s that simple! And since we’re still such a new site, you have a great shot at winning!

Enter the $5,000 Refer-a-Friend Contest


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