Winner: Bucket List Contest

Near the end of last year, JoeShopping ran a contest where we asked you guys to come up with the most creative Bucket Lists. You know, a list of things you’d like to do before you, well, kick the bucket. We got some incredible entries and it sure wasn’t easy picking a winner. But we finally did and wanted to share the news with you all.

Congrats to Sam Kelley on her awesome Bucket List entry! She listed a slew of items, some of our favorites include:

* Understand Einstein.

* Run a marathon.

* Grow a chia pet.

* Attend the Presidential Inauguration and shake hands with the president.

* Complete a New York Times Crossword.


For her great Bucket List, Sam won herself an Amazon Kindle Fire!!!


Thanks to everyone who entered and keep your eyes peeled for more Contests in the future! You can also still snag a Kindle Fire of your own in our JoeShopping Rewards program. There’s still 1 left, so start saving those JoePoints today!

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