Xbox 360′s Kinect Brings a Whole New Game

Kinect for Xbox 360It’s been out for just over a week, but Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 is already selling out, and it will definitely be one of the big hits this holiday season.

If you haven’t heard of it, Kinect is a peripheral you can add to an Xbox 360 console (it doesn’t work on its own) that allows you to play games with motion control, like the Nintendo Wii — except the Kinect doesn’t use any crontrollers or remotes at all! Its camera can see the players and their movements all on its own, and it can even recognize faces and voices! Even the recently released PlayStation Move, Sony’s new motion control system for the PS3, uses controllers — only the Kinect is truly hands-free.

As Wii owners can (and will) tell you, motion games are best played with family and friends — they’re simple and fun for both young and old players, and they’re competitive enough to entertain any holiday scrooge. If your family has an Xbox 360, the Kinect and its games are perfect for the holiday season, either as gifts or at parties. So here are the four best games for the system out already!


Kinect SportsKinect Sports
Much like Wii Sports, Kinect Sports is a game that contains several types of games, including Boxing, Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Table Tennis, and Track and Field (which itself has a bunch of different events).


Although it’s not a group game, this virtual pet simulator is getting amazing reviews. It allows kids to choose an animal and explore an island together, while playing fun minigames. A l
ot of kids will be amazed to just to be able to “pet” their virtual pet and hear it purr!


Kinect Joyride 


Kinect Joyride
This racing game has players pretend to hold a steering wheel, and lean to turbo boost, power slide and more. But there are several types of races, including kart combat, performing stunt tricks, and more!




Kinect Adventures
Kinect AdventuresKinect Adventures is probably the Kinect’s best game and the easiest to find, since it actually comes packaged with the Kinect! Adventures contains various Indiana Jones-like minigames include rafting, mine cart racing, and more. 

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