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How to Comparison Shop

Don't you hate it when you buy an item for a good price, and then find it on sale for a cheaper price somewhere else? Then let JoeShopping's Comparison Shopping tool do the legwork for you by comparing prices at hundreds of popular online stores! Use the following tips to take advantage of our comparison shopping tool and get the best prices online.

  • Use the product search box on this page or in our site's header to search for your product. We have over 30 million products in our comparison shopping database. So if your results are too general, try a new search with multiple keywords.
  • If your product is available at more than one online store, we'll list them all in a side-by-side comparison grid. Maybe you have a favorite store or really only care who has the lowest price. Either way, related merchant ratings, coupons and prices are all available to help you make an informed shopping decision.
  • Before you make any final purchases, it's always good to see what other customers think of that product. You can click the Customer Reviews tab on a product page to see what other members are saying. They may even offer tips for which merchant has the best shipping rates, nicest customer service, specific return shipping policies, etc.
  • Sure a store may have the lowest price listed, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best price overall. Check any related coupons and deals for each store, as they can knock the price down significantly.
  • Some merchants will charge sales tax in your state, but not everyone on the Internet does. If a merchant does collect sales tax, it could turn the best price into an average price, when compared to another merchant who doesn't collect sales tax.
  • Shipping charges can play a key role in finding the lowest price overall. A store that offers free shipping could save you anywhere from $5 to $15 per order depending on the item. That can go a long way towards helping determine which merchant offers the best deal.
  • When you're all done comparing prices and you're ready to make a purchase, just click the BUY button on the right to go to the product page on the merchant's website and complete your purchase.